Going Medieval


Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

  On Saturday, Sept. 14, Wolfbane put on the fourth annual Wolfswood Faire. The event ran from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m., ending with the Misfit Masquerade and announcements about the upcoming Wolfbane productions.

      According to the Wolfbane page for the Wolfswood Faire, “Will the Moonfang tribe finally rise up against the Nightcloak Empire? Watch as the drama unfolds between the two battling tribes of the Wolfswood. Test out your skills in our gaming arena with tournaments of all kinds. Watch demos in archery, sword fighting, traditional dance, blacksmithing, and more from the local Society of Creative Anachronism. Guests can also journey through our artisans, entertainers, musicians, food trucks, and restaurateurs.”

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