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In Memoriam: Dr. Nancy Cowden

University of Lynchburg Associate Director of the Westover Honors College, Dr. Nancy Cowden

By Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

This weekend, beloved biology professor and Associate Director of the Westover Honors College Dr. Nancy Cowden passed away.

Dr. Cowden has been a faculty member of the University of Lynchburg since 2000. She taught courses in biology, plant biology, plant ecology, general ecology, and sustainable forest management. In Westover, Dr. Cowden taught various colloquia and a senior thesis course.

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Westover’s Virtual Induction

Lecture series begins celebration of Westover Honors history – University  of Lynchburg

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     The Westover Honors College inductions were hosted on Oct. 24 for the class of 2024.

     Due to the pandemic, the induction was virtual. Dr. Beth Savage, Dean of the Westover Honors College, said, “This semester we could not have families here physically, but we still thought it was important to have our newest students go through the process of formal induction, welcoming them to the Society of Westover Fellows. We also could not have the entire Westover student body there, as we usually would. So, all of Exec Board sat at the front during the ceremony, and helped to call names and distribute certificates. And for additional support, the older students who are mentors for our freshtovers came and sat at the back of the room to cheer them on, and also wrote letters of support that they picked up afterwards at the reception. So the inductees were physically surrounded by their peers who have already offered them so much support and guidance. And, of course, families joined us via livestream!”

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Dr. Beth Savage’s Book Club

Made by Kamryn Schnieder, the Westover Honors logo is used on the book page

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

    Dean of the Westover Honors College, Dr. Beth Savage has launched the second iteration of her Book Club at the University of Lynchburg.“We read books and discuss them,” Dr. Beth Savage, organizer of the club, said.

Savage says that part of her motivation for the club is that she enjoys people coming together for a common interest and getting to socialize about the content of the books they read.

       Some of the books they plan on reading and have read within the club are Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hillhouse,” Madeline Miller’s “Circe,” and Henry James’ “Turn of the Screw.” 

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Westover Introduces New Curriculum

Westover New

Dr.Beth Savage and Dr. Edward DeClair posing with the Westover class of 2023 at Westover Induction. Photo by John McCormick.

Hannah Belayachi ~ Guest Writer

     The Westover Honors College at the University of Lynchburg has introduced a new curriculum starting with the class of 2023, in which only 46 credit hours are required to graduate with honors. 

     Course catalogues prior to 2019, the credit hours required for graduating as a Westover Honors College fellow were 53. The new curriculum drops a four-credit science class, one less colloquium, and one less semester of a language that fellows have to take. 

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The Silent Switch

Ethan Fredericks, Assisstant Editor~

On July 1st, 2018, the Westover Honors Program followed the University of Lynchburg’s initiative and underwent a name change, rebranding itself as the Westover Honors College.

Information regarding the change has remained foggy. With a singular twitter post from the Westover Honors College account regarding the change and no outside news coverage, details are mainly spread via word-of-mouth. This unfortunate circumstance has kept some of those enrolled in the Westover Honors College in the dark about the change. Read more