The Kennedy Challenge

Dr. Clifton W. Potter, UofL History Professor~

Next Tuesday is election day, perhaps one of the most important contests in our nation’s history. The ballots cast, the races won, and the races lost could determine the course of our nation’s history for at least the next generation, if not beyond that. Possibly not since 1932 has the United States faced such critical choices as it does next week. If you are a registered voter, do not fail to do your civic duty.

However, in this column I want to turn back the clock to another moment in time when the horizon was cloudless, and the future stretched before some of us like a road without curves, bumps, or barriers. It was the fall of 1960.

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Grace Cavanaugh, Staff Writer~

Recently, a friend of mine has been making all her Snapchat streaks reminders to vote. I have seen reminders to vote everywhere: Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and even YouTube. Many boasted that it was quick and easy, and would only take about 5 minutes to complete, so I went online and applied for my absentee ballot.

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Why I Almost Did Not Vote

Anna-Catherine Kueng- Assistant Editor~

abstentee ballot

In February, I turned eighteen and the truth is, I have yet to buy a lottery ticket and I almost missed my chance to vote in the upcoming election.

I know many people my age are thrilled that they finally get to have a say in the world of politics on November 6 and I am, well, not as thrilled. Do not get me wrong: I am grateful for every sacrifice that has been made to ensure my right to vote, especially knowing the history of women’s suffrage. It is humbling to know that people were willing to risk their lives so I could have the right to vote.

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Political Perspective: Vote for Change in Lynchburg

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

Over the past year we have seen much hate when it comes to politics. In the 2016 Presidential election we saw countless ads that spread hateful rhetoric and appealed to extremist beliefs. Even in this year’s gubernatorial election we have seen governor candidate Ed Gillespie spreading lies and hate about our current Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. Needless to say, the Republican party has been putting forth several candidates that spread this hate and some others that simply aren’t doing their job. The delegate for the twenty-third district of Virginia, Scott Garrett, has become lackadaisical in the last several years, even running unopposed in three elections. Continue reading “Political Perspective: Vote for Change in Lynchburg”

Register to Vote

Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

On Monday Sept. 25, Tom Perriello visited Lynchburg College. The event drew out approximately 100 people and received an overwhelming amount of support from the student body, the faculty and the local community.

Tom spoke on several topics, including his time in Congress where he aided the passing of the Affordable Care Act and helped write a bill to end domestic violence on college campuses. Continue reading “Register to Vote”