The Center for Community Engagement

Photo from the University of Lynchburg website of some of the students volunteering.

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor


     The Center for Community Engagement is an on-campus resource that allows students at the University of Lynchburg to get involved in the Lynchburg community through volunteering. 

     According to Director of Community Engagement and Bonner Leaders, Cindy Ferguson, “The University of Lynchburg Center for Community Engagement exists to provide high-impact, service opportunities on a continuum from charity/fundraising to community-based research for all students, faculty, and staff by partnering with local non-profit agencies to meet the needs of our campus and the Greater Lynchburg Community.” 

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Greek Life Houses on Campus

Photo taken by Katherine Daniel of Greek row on Oct. 15, 2019.

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer 

     On Monday, Oct. 14, 2019, the Office of Housing and Residence Life at the University of Lynchburg conducted an open discussion on housing concerns with the members of the Greek life community on campus. 

     The main objective of the meeting was to understand why the Greek houses were designated as such and if those allocations were in jeopardy. 

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Woman to Woman

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Kristen Blount ~ Guest Writer

     Woman to Woman is an organization recently created at the University of Lynchburg to serve as a safe environment for women of color. It is quite common for minority women, especially at a predominantly white institution, to seek out others in their affinity group as a means of establishing their identity. Many  minority students often feel left out, treated differently, and held to a higher standard. 

     To combat these tendencies, Woman to Woman allows students, and  faculty and staff, to have an open dialogue about the struggles they face. The organization seeks to create an inclusive community where students are able to embrace one another’s differences and encourage each other in all aspects of life. In return, members of the organization hope to be held accountable when anyone comes to our organization seeking help regarding problems they have faced or witnessed with the expectation that we will advocate for them.

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College Life: Never Give Up

Photo retrieved from Pinterest.

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor In Chief 

     All it takes is something simple, like waking up too late, having to rush around in the morning because you forgot about an assignment that was due, not knowing where your car keys are, spilling coffee on yourself before going to work, or forgetting your notebook for one of your classes. In that one instant, a day at college can go from being one of the greatest days to being one that you just want to be done with so you can go back to sleep for the rest of the day.

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Hornet Homecoming

Retrieved from the University of Lynchburg Homecoming Brochure.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

      Homecoming Weekend for the University of Lynchburg is this weekend, Oct. 18-19, 2019.

      Jessica Jennings, the assistant director of alumni relations, said, “We will have events on Friday and Saturday. Saturday is our big day with the fourth annual tailgate for the university. On Friday, we have a couple of events for our alumni. We have our alumni awards dinner, and there is a reception before that.”

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