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Who are the University Ambassadors?

UA's B&W

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

The University Ambassadors, otherwise known as the UA’s, are a group of students who are behind the scenes helping to recruit new Hornets. 

     The UA’s work closely with the office of admissions. They provide a student’s perspective of what campus is like and allows a prospective student to feel comfortable. 

     They are responsible for giving tours, running open houses, making 45 phone calls a week to prospective students, and writing 15 personalized notecards. They try their hardest to make everyone who comes on a tour feel welcomed and even want to become a student at the University of Lynchburg. 

     Sam Vogel, a UA captain,said, “Being a captain of the UA’s is a really good opportunity to share my story [as] to why I came to Lynchburg and share my passion for the school.”

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