New Scholarship for STEM Teachers 


Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     A new scholarship is available for University of Lynchburg  students who want to be STEM teachers. According to the University’s  website, “The Noyce Scholarship Program for STEM Teachers provides unique opportunities to students who want to teach STEM subjects in today’s diverse classrooms. Qualified students receive outstanding scholarships during their junior and senior years of college that combine with other merit scholarships awarded by Lynchburg.” 

     Noyce Grant Pathway Coordinator at University of Lynchburg, Dr. Paula Lichiello, explained, “The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship for 2019-2024 is for students who major in chemistry, biology, physics, environmental science, or mathematics education. This NSF grant provides significant scholarship support ($10,000 to $20,000 per year) to eligible college students in their junior and senior years. In return, students commit to two years of teaching in grades 7-12 in a high-need school division in Virginia for every year of scholarship support.” 

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