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She Said: The Power of No

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

As women, we are constantly being taught what precautions we can take in order to avoid being sexually harassed or assaulted, because men aren’t being told “Oh by the way, it’s morally wrong to stick it in someone who doesn’t want it.” You would think common sense would kick in at some point, but apparently horniness is an acceptable excuse for a lack thereof. With this kind of mindset, does the word “No” even matter? Read more

#MeToo: Reporting Sexual Misconduct at LC

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

When the first woman came forward with allegations of sexual misconduct against Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein, it sparked a chain reaction of people publicizing their experiences and exposing their aggressors. With the current national climate, it is increasingly vital for college students to know their options when it comes to reporting sexual misconduct. Read more