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Political Perspective: A Higher Loyalty

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

Washington D.C. has been shaken up with news of James Comey’s new book, “A Higher Loyalty,” and his interview with George Stephanopoulos this week has only added fuel to the fire. For the first time after his firing, James Comey sat down in a tell-all interview in which he continually criticized President Trump. Read more

Political Perspective: Easter Shenanigans

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

This past weekend, while many of us were sitting at home spending time with our family celebrating Easter, President Donald Trump was busy planning out more information on the border wall separating Mexico and the United States.

This past Tuesday, Trump announced that the U.S. will be sending troops to the Mexican border. Tens of thousands of troops will be sent to guard the border until a “proper” wall has been constructed along the southern border of the U.S. Read more

Political Perspective: How Many More?

Carter Elliott, Staff Writer~

This weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the March for our Lives; while I was unable to attend in person, the coverage of the event was phenomenal.

These young student activists have proven to be truly hardworking and inspirational. They have witnessed such tragedy in their lives, and it is remarkable to watch them take a stand. However, while I believe that these students are inspiring, there are some who have been downright nasty and disrespectful toward their fellow countrymen. Read more

Political Perspective: Leader’s Lovers

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

This Valentine’s Day, I thought it would be interesting to explore the past couple “First Family” relationships.

Starting with the Clinton’s, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary were quite often seen together. Hillary, being one of the most active first ladies in United States History, traveled around the U.S. speaking to schools, churches and political groups. Like President Trump, Bill Clinton had a sex scandal while in office; however, they were handled quite differently. After Bill’s affair was made public, Hillary was always by his side, even making public statements in his favor. Read more

Political Perspective: Virginia Goes Blue

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, the Commonwealth of Virginia spoke up, and they said that no longer will we tolerate what is occurring in Washington D.C. The entire Democratic ticket was elected on Tuesday night. Our next Governor will be Dr. Ralph Northam, a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran born and raised in Virginia. Justin Fairfax, a small business owner in Virginia will be our next lieutenant governor. Finally, Mark Herring, our current attorney general was reelected to the position. Read more

Political Perspective: Vote for Change in Lynchburg

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

Over the past year we have seen much hate when it comes to politics. In the 2016 Presidential election we saw countless ads that spread hateful rhetoric and appealed to extremist beliefs. Even in this year’s gubernatorial election we have seen governor candidate Ed Gillespie spreading lies and hate about our current Lieutenant Governor Ralph Northam. Needless to say, the Republican party has been putting forth several candidates that spread this hate and some others that simply aren’t doing their job. The delegate for the twenty-third district of Virginia, Scott Garrett, has become lackadaisical in the last several years, even running unopposed in three elections. Read more

Political Perspective: Tim Kaine to Visit LC

Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

Having lived in Virginia all of my life, I have had the opportunity see Senator Tim Kaine on multiple occasions.

In 1998 Kaine was elected the mayor of the city of Richmond; he served in this position until 2001. Then in 2002 he was elected to serve as the lieutenant governor of Virginia. In 2006, Kaine ran an exciting campaign against Jerry Kilgore for the position of governor of Virginia. Read more

The Time for Change is Now

Carter Elliot, Staff Columnist~

Let me start my saying that I am in no way, shape or form anti-gun. I grew up on a dairy farm where shooting water bottles and clay pigeons was a very common occurrence. I even shot competitive shotgun when I was sixteen.

However, since 1991 we have had eight mass shootings, resulting in the deaths of 229 people. The scariest part of this statistic is that 193 of the total 229 people killed in mass shootings in the United States have been since 2007. Let me make this even more clear: 84 percent of all people killed in mass shootings since 1991 were killed in the past decade. This stark rise in mass shootings has caused much chaos and fear in the United States, yet somehow we haven’t done anything to prevent this on a major scale. Read more

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