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Mystic Magic: Haunting Places

Photo taken by Grace Cavanaugh

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     It is officially Spooky Season! While winter is my favorite season, there is something about a warm drink, a nip in the air, and the turning trees that gets me.

     This past weekend, my boyfriend and I drove up to Maine for a wedding. During the 14 hour trip, the trees went from Virginia’s just starting to turn to New York’s autumn prime.

     We also passed through a bunch of small towns, the kind that are void of life after 8 p.m. and that are stuffed to the brim with local businesses. I love the houses and, even though I am no longer Christian, I love the churches too. The look of something old, that has been taken care of this long, just gets me.

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Watch with me: Antimagic and Grimoires, the World of Black Clover

Promotional Poster of the Show taken from myanimelist.com (https://myanimelist.net/anime/34)572/Black_Clover/pics

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

       This week I want to talk about a longer show that is currently airing and has stocked up over 140 episodes. “Black Clover,” produced by Studio Pierrot, is a fantasy adventure anime based in a magical world of four kingdoms: Clover, Diamond, Spade, and Heart, where each country has its own magical style. The story focuses on a set of wizards (or mages, the translation mixes the two) in the Clover Kingdom, who use grimoires as a focus for their magic and cast specified kinds of spells through it. One example is the character Yami, who uses dark magic. Another is Yuno, who uses wind magic. 

     The magic is not limited to elements or objects, however, as there are characters who can also create and control mirrors and light, as well as the Wizard King who can control time, amongst other unique magics. Additionally, there exists the sinister demon magic, as well as the unique and dangerous antimagic, possessed by one of the two main characters.

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News and brief for the week of sept. 14th

California Fires in Loyalton, Vacaville & More: What We Know
Image taken from https://www.thecut.com/2020/08/california-fires-in-loyalton-vacaville-and-more-what-we-know.html

Seeping under doors, bad air from West’s fires won’t ease up

Dangerously dirty air spewing from the West Coast wildfires is seeping into homes and businesses, sneaking into cars through air conditioning vents and preventing people already shut away by the coronavirus pandemic from enjoying a walk or trip to the park.

People in Oregon, Washington state and California have been struggling for a week or longer under some of the most unhealthy air on the planet. The acrid yellow-green smog may linger for days or weeks, scientists and forecasters said.

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Appare-Ranman! An anime about the Trans-America Wild Race

Promotional poster for Appare-Ranman taken from Myanimelist.net

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

Yesterday, I caught up on all the anime I had been behind on due to moving in, classes, and life in general. One of the ones that stood out to me, unique in story and characters, was a show called Appare-Ranman! or “Appare in Full Bloom” in English. The show is created by Studio P.A. Works and is licensed by Funimation.

The story follows the eccentric character of Appare Sorano and his blender samurai friend Kosame Isshiki. After running away from home, the two of them end up stranded on the west coast of America during the late 19th century. Appare is an interesting character that could be assumed to have Savant Syndrome (but this is never explicitly said) and has incredible skill in working with cars and mechanics. After a handful of antics between a native American child, a Chinese immigrant woman, and a rich Frenchman; Appare and Kosame end up being involved in the Trans American Wild Race.

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Keep On Keepin’ On

Caption: Photo retrieved from sevenly.org.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     I know I am not alone when I say I feel heavy. Not in the physical sense, but emotionally and spiritually, I just feel…too much.

     I believe it is a sign of the times. There is so much happening in the world right now, so much to despair over. And it can be very difficult to process these emotions, to try to find a way to lessen the load.

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Movies & Missing Men’s Soccer

Image taken from lynchburgsports.com

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

On Tuesday, Aug. 11, Shellenberger Field at the University of Lynchburg was repurposed and used as a movie theatre. For the Lynchburg Men’s soccer team, this was a historic but bittersweet moment. 

When Kyle Gallagher arrived at the University of Lynchburg, he envisioned his senior season and fourth consecutive year as the starting goalkeeper, winning the ODAC championship and competing for the national title. Since the ODAC announced that all fall sports competitions will be postponed until the end of 2020, Gallagher’s dreams for his senior season have been postponed, and the dream of competing for a national title has been cancelled. 

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News and Brief – Week of August 17th

100 Years of Women Fighting for Equality

Tuesday marked the centennial anniversary of American women being granted the right to vote under the 19th Amendment, which was ratified and formally adopted in August 1920.

On that day the words “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged … on account of sex” were added to the U.S. Constitution.

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Weekly Horoscopes – Week of August 17th


Mar 21 – Apr 20

This week there will be a new beginning and a crucial discussion and decision. 


Apr 21 – May 21

It’s time to start again.


May 22 – June 21

You’ll feel the connection between what you say or write, and how you look to the world.


June 22 – July 22

This week allows you to begin a completely new direction which will compensate for, and even see you having a triumph with.


July 23 – Aug 23

You may find a strange sense of familiarity about the issues and the people. 


Aug 24 – Sept 22

You can now lean on a kind of inner knowing that will help you decide your next move about all these introspective matters.


Sept 23 – Oct 23

You add to your knowledge, as over the last few months you have been slowly waking up to what was unfolding.


Oct 24 – Nov 22

You will realize just how much was going on behind closed doors, or behind your back.


Nov 23 – Dec 21 

At this time, you can also expect a powerful sense of ‘been there, done that.’


Dec 22 – Jan 20

It’s all too easy to rely on past experiences.


Jan 21 – Feb 18

This week is about your former, current or potential partner.


Feb 19 – Mar 20

It is time to replace a long period of not knowing/not seeing with something new and real.

Horoscopes from: https://www.jessicaadams.com/horoscopes/weekly-horoscopes/. Graphics from: https://www.ganeshaspeaks.com/horoscopes/weekly-horoscope/aries/.

Women’s Club Soccer and Their Big Win


The women’s club soccer team poses for a team picture for the 2019-2020 campaign on Shellenberger Field.  Picture retrieved from the Lynchburg Club Sports Website.

     On Sunday, Oct. 28, the women’s club soccer team travelled to Christopher Newport University (CNU) in Newport News, Va. to compete in a match against their club team.  With a slippery field and a gloomy day, the Lady Hornets came out on top in a tough match by a score of 2 to 0. Senior Caitlyn Harper scored both goals for the day.

     “We went down to CNU with 12 players and an 80% chance of rain in the forecast.  Even with this, however, we not only won but dominated the game. It was a hard fought fight, and our girls gave it their all.  We landed on top with a 2-0 victory as a result of the team bonding and sheer love for the game that we all share. The team never stopped working hard, going that extra inch for their teammates,” said Harper.

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From College To University

Shannon Muller, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College is currently undergoing a rebrand and name change, and in the fall of 2018 it will transition to the University of Lynchburg.

According to assistant vice president of Lynchburg College communications and marketing, Mike Jones, “Lynchburg College has been operating as a University for some time now…with nearly twenty graduate and three doctoral programs.” Read more