Hornets’ Swimming sets high goals right off the block

ODAC men’s rookie of the meet, Parker Hayungs, swims in one of his butterfly events. Photo by Madison Ayres

By Madison Ayres

Varsity swimming returned to Lynchburg this year after a hiatus dating back to the 1970-71 academic year.

After exceeding their own expectations this season, the program’s 28 men and women have a lot to celebrate and much to look forward to, according to head coach Brad Dunn.

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Lynchburg Teams Congratulate the New Varsity Swim Team

Pete Deaver ~ Guest Writer

The University of Lynchburg swim club made a transition into a varsity team and started a long journey toward success this semester. 

At the beginning of that journey, some of their fellow teams hopped on Twitter to celebrate. The first team to do so was the Lynchburg Women’s Basketball team in response to a tweet that the swim team sent out about the first day of their season.

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U of L Swimming Starts Gearing Up for Their First Meet


Caitlin Dorsch ~ Copy Desk Chief

This past week, the University of Lynchburg Men’s and Women’s Swim Team began their first ever week of varsity-level practices.  On Monday, they began bright and early at 7:00 a.m. in the Wake Field House ready to lift with the help of the University’s Strength and Conditioning Coach Edward Smith, according to second year swimmer Alexis Fabilla.  Fabilla said that the theme for this year for the entire team is all about creating traditions for the program and creating expectations for the swimmers to live and grow by. Fittingly, she finished by insisting, “Tradition starts now!”

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