The Pandemic & My Hometown : Stephanie Quaranto

The Pandemic & My Hometown series uses photography to showcase how the coronavirus is affecting life at home for media writing students from the University of Lynchburg.

Photography by Stephanie Quaranto  in Rhode Island

Major Changes Are Coming to Lynchburg’s College of Business

Dean Nancy Hubbard has implemented many changes in the College of Business. Photo from the University of Lynchburg

By Allyssa Compton

The University of Lynchburg’s College of Business is in the process of creating and approving several interdisciplinary majors and minors to expand the offerings available to students and to differentiate the university from other schools.

The College of Business has been busy developing new, mixed-discipline majors and minors, including actuarial science, sustainability and international business.

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Gender Inclusive Housing


By Stephanie Brown, guest writer

Gender inclusive housing made available on southside of campus


The University of Lynchburg will support gender inclusive housing beginning fall 2020.

“Gender inclusive housing is not like co-ed buildings. It takes away boundaries and gives more housing opportunities for students who identify with more genders than just two,” said Terry Bodine, housing coordinator.

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New Teacher Program Helps Students in Local School

Photo from the University of Lynchburg LinkedIn

A student at the University of Lynchburghas been accepted as a candidate for special education training at William Campbell combined school as part of their New Teacher Training Program.

The University is providing trained mentors for student candidates as well as new teachers in the surrounding counties. The New Teacher Center program at the University of Lynchburg has been fortunate to pair about 20 student candidates with mentors from the program.

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Rebuilding NOLA Service Trip

Students from University of Lynchburg  Nonprofit Masters Leadership program as well as several undergraduates participated in Rebuilding NOLA service trip from March 8 through March 13, 2020 as part of their spring break.

The students  partnered with two local nonprofits, The Acorn Farm to beautify a community lot slated for a rain garden, and  withJericho Road to do some neighborhood  housing assessments to update housing records.

In addition, trip organizer,  Communication Studies Professor, Dr. Jimmy Roux said,  the students also participated in a VooDoo tour and a bicycle tour of the lower 9th Ward which experienced devastation during Hurricane Katrina 15 years ago.

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A Confused Hornet in a Pandemic

Our First Day of Sophomore Year… Didn’t know we were in for such a wild ride! Photo from Anna-Catherine Keung

By Anna-Catherine Kueng

Where do I begin with my perspective as a student, specifically, a Lynchburg Hornet, in the midst of a pandemic? 

First, I want to acknowledge that I could never say what virus I am referring to in this article, and you would still know. Turn on the news, get on Facebook, look at the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store, or basically talk to another human being, and you will hear about the Coronavirus. It has sparked conversation around the world, put masses into panic, and most impacting for me, it has moved my college classes online. 

Recently, I saw a meme on Facebook announcing a girl was starting college at “Da Crib University.” I chuckled, yet at the same time, it is alarming to think about how seriously the virus is affecting everyone and that it has closed UL’s campus. 

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