How to Keep the Sniffles Away: Using the Health Center on Campus 

Reception Desk at the Health Center, located on the second floor of Hundley Hall. Photo taken by Hannah Belayachi 11/13/19

Hannah Belayachi ~ Guest Writer

     As the temperature gets colder, students are told to bundle up, but one can only wear so many layers and still fall ill to a cold or a flu that comes with the freezing weather. Luckily, the Health Center is here to help. 

     According its University of Lynchburg page, general visits to the health center are provided to students without additional charge. At the Health Center, registered nurses and nurse practitioners treat student health problems using by-the-book physician-supervised protocols. 

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LC Health Center’s Response to Flu Pandemic

Brennae Spence, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College’s Health Center has experienced a peak year for student patients. This rise has been attributed to the record breaking flu season. The number of cases reported for the 2016-2017 school year was 49 and rose to 129 this school year.

Nurse Practitioner and Interim Clinical Director of the Health Center, Lisa Geier said, “This flu season was unusual in that the numbers increased a little earlier than typically we see, and we had higher numbers.” Continue reading “LC Health Center’s Response to Flu Pandemic”