First Year Vibes: Changing Your Major

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

When I was eighteen-years-old, which comically was only two months ago, I thought I wanted to be a nurse. More than that, I thought I wanted to be a pediatric nurse with a speciality in cardiology. Before I started college, I ordered the cute laptop stickers relating to the major; for example, “I can’t. I’m in nursing school.” (Since starting college, I realized that if you take out the ‘nursing’ part of that sentence, it is still accurate).

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First Year Vibes: The Pros of a Small College

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

I graduated from a high school that had a total of 1,000 students, with 250 of them being in the class of 2018. To some people, that may sound like a big group, while others consider it small; regardless, my school was overcrowded compared to the other schools in my county. A typical class size at THS was 25-30 students, and the smallest class I had was 16 students.

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First Year Vibes: Giving yourself permission to rest

Anna-Catherine Kueng, Assistant Editor~

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 11.43.22 PM
Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Due to the piling up of research papers, presentations, and final projects, I am sure students are aware that there is less than half of the semester left. I have been warned that November is a month where students start slacking off, and I have heard horror stories of A+ students whose grades dropped following Thanksgiving Break.

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Bordewich to speak at first year seminar

Anna-Catherine Kueng- Assistant Editor~


Author and historian, Fergus Bordewich, will speak to students at the GS100 Freshman Seminar on Friday, October 19. He is best known for writing The First Congress: How James Madison, George Washington, and a Group of Extraordinary Men Invented the Government, but he has also published six other successful non-fiction books. His writings focus primarily on American history during the 18th and 19th century.

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