Debate About It

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

In light of the recent mass school shootings in the United States, a debate over the circulation of automatic/semi-automatic and high caliber weapons has come to the forefront of political discussion. In order to foster open discussion and understanding among Lynchburg College students, faculty and community members, the Criminology Club organized and held a debate on gun control on April 18, 2018. Read More

Origins of Easter

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on the third day after his death, which was supposed to atone for the sins of all mankind. It is generally agreed upon that Jesus of Nazareth was crucified around Passover c. 33 A.D.

For the past few Easters, there have been several images of the Akkadian goddess Ishtar circulating the internet. The sources of this image cite her name as the origin of the word Easter, which has spurred many to investigate the true origins of the word. Read More

LC as Luxembourg at Model UN

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Editor~

A Lynchburg College delegation of 16 students participated in the 2018 Model United Nations simulation led by Dr. Sabita Manian, professor of international relations and political science.

This is the 41st delegation that LC has sent to the event. Schools from around the world send students to the simulation to represent the 193 countries that are a part of the UN. This year, LC represented Luxembourg for the week-long simulation. There were over 5,500 participants in this year’s Model UN. Read More

Lynchburg’s Civil War POW Camp

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Editor~

In the past several decades there has been a reinvigoration of the study of the Civil War and a time of remembrance for those lives lost. The curiosity has increased as more documents are being found that would answer questions that are several generations old, such as what happened to the young man who went off to fight in the Civil War? Read More

Lynchburg College Celebrates Love

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

On campus today, Feb. 14, the Student Activity Board is hosting a Valentine’s Day buffet from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. The buffet is made of Valentine’s Day candy; you are welcome to eat as much as you can handle. The event will take place on the third floor in Drysdale Student Center. There will also be an opportunity to takes pictures, choose and stuff your own stuffed animal, as well as pick out some roses for yourself or that special someone. Read More

From Italy, with Love

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

During the winter term of 2017, Dr. Marek Payerhin and Dr. David Lipani took a group of 24 students to Italy and Sicily to explore the history of the region. The two courses offered were designated as English and international relations courses. Read More