College Life: 10 ways to Destress

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Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

It is now that time at the end of the school year where everything gets stressful. You might even have assignments due every single day of the week and wonder when you might ever get a break and when is summer break coming? Some of the past weeks have been very stressful on me and they are not slowing down either since finals are coming in less than a week. I have so much school work (projects, papers, presentations, etc.), my job, and not to mention extracurricular activities. This semester has been again testing my time management skills like no other. But, every once in a while, the week’s tasks get to be a little too much for anybody and we all need something to get us through the week.

So, here are 10 things that can help you destress, give you a break, or give you something to look forward to doing over the weekend.

  1.     Take a nap. Taking a nap is always a good way to destress yourself. After having four classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, sometimes taking a nap really helps me release all of the stuff I have going on in my head and helps me destress.
  2.     Watch Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube. After a long day of school, I love to just come lay on the couch and watch Netflix and eat a snack. Watching a favorite movie or show on Netflix helps me to destress a lot.
  3.     Do some face masks. At the end of the day, you are probably warn out and feel like you need a facial. I love to do Black Mask Purifying peel-off Mask.
  4.     Go to the gym. I do not know about you, but going to the gym and running on the treadmill or boxing helps me relieve stress.
  5.     Pet some dogs and cats. Go out to the Lynchburg Humane Society and pet all the dogs and cats you wish to. It is one of my favorite places to go because I love animals. If you are more of a reptile fan, go to Pets and Aquatic Warehouse.
  6.     Call your mom and dad. Calling my mom is always a way for me to vent to her about my stressful days and it helps me destress when she gives me ideas of ways to help me.
  7.     Go for a drive. Going for a drive and listening to music is always great, especially now that the weather is nice. Roll those windows down in your car and jam out to some of your favorite hits.
  8.     Start a bullet journal. Maybe you have always dreamed of going somewhere out of the country or have a to do list you would like to start. Well, a bullet journal is a good way to start. Make bullets of things you want to do or places you would like to go to relieve some stress.
  9.     Take a walk or run. Taking a walk with my dog helps me get outside and seeing the nature helps me relieve my stress.
  10.  Go shopping. Go to the boutiques in downtown Lynchburg or go to the mall to shop. I absolutely love to go shopping and that is definitely a way that de-stresses me.

These are ten tips for you and I hope you have enjoyed my opinion column this year. I will be back next year, so make sure to look at all of the tips and info that I have to write about it. If you have any thoughts on what I should write about next year, send an email to the Critograph and let me know. Make sure you study for your exams and ace them, and I will see you all next year!

Hornets Breakfast for Dinner

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Illustration by Nicole Freewalt 

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Staff Writer

Late Night Breakfast will be in the Burton Dining Hall on May 9, 2019 at 9:30 p.m.

SGA’s Vice President of Internal Affairs, Jeffrey Snow, said, “Late Night Breakfast is an event that SGA hosts every semester with dining services to open up the dining hall after hours to serve breakfast food and give out prizes!”

Snow continued, “The prizes given out throughout include gift cards and special items that are a surprise until the night of. […] Like always, there is an exclusive door prize item for the first 100 students. This year, it is aviator sunglasses!”

Snow  said, “There will be all kinds of breakfast food and desserts to keep the students nice and full.”

Sophomore, Amanda Linehan said, “I think it is a really amazing time. I love being able to take a break from studying and hanging out with friends. The dining services does an amazing job with all the food and I appreciate SGA putting it on.”

While sophomore Julia Melone shared Linehan’s sentiments, she said, “I really appreciate all the work the dining services puts into it. They could be home relaxing with their families, but they do this awesome thing for us.”

“I have never gone, but it sounds like a lot of fun for the whole school to come together and be involved with,” said sophomore, Stephanie Arnold.

Late Night Breakfast does get pretty busy, though. Snow said, “The doors open at 9:30 [p.m.], but people line up early. At the latest, a pretty solid line is forming at 8:30 [p.m.].”

A few students are apprehensive about the crowds. Sophomore, Larry Hamlett said, “I never go. It is always too packed for me.” Junior, Hiatt O’Connor said, “[It is] a fun concept but crazy crowded, fun for only a [little] bit.”

Freshman, Jarett Murano saw both sides, saying, “It is packed, but if you go with people, it is fun.”

The Vice President of External Affairs, Nathaniel Pierce, said, “The Late Night Breakfast has been a blast to host every semester! Seeing so many fellow Hornets light up as they get their breakfasts and door prizes has been so awesome. And shout out to Dining Services who do so much for the event!”

“This is an event that all of us in SGA love hosting, and we love seeing the huge turnout with it being one of the most well-attended events on campus!” said Snow.

College Life: Your Boyfriend Can Be Your Best Friend

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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

I have never been the type of girl to have a lot of “girl” friends. I always had more “boy” friends in high school because I got along with them better. The girls at my high school were sometimes really mean and stuck up, but of course, that is at almost every school. The few “girl”  friends I had were mostly upperclassmen and graduated before I did. I have had many people, who at one point in time I thought were my best friends, but turns out they were just using me or we fell out of contact. But, the one thing I will always say is that my significant other is my best friend. He has been there through so much and even though there are some rough days, I still love him at the end of the day. Some people do not like when significant others do almost everything together, but Adam and I do a lot together, and we both enjoy it. We have been together since the beginning of high school and are now engaged in college. We are best friends and have been together for almost six years now. It is okay to consider your significant other your best friend. Your significant other should be there for you to cry to and to celebrate with in your biggest accomplishments in life. Here are some of the reasons why my fiancé is my best friend:


  1. He annoys the t-total crap out of me. Yeah, that is right. I said it. This is what best friends and significant others do and that is annoy the t-total crap out of you. There are times when Adam does certain things really aggravate me but I love every minute of it because I love him. Somehow later, I will end up laughing at myself for being annoyed at something so stupid or end up apologizing for overreacting over the situation.
  2. He is always there for me, no matter what. He might not answer his phone sometimes because he is playing his video games and his phone is on silent, but he is always there for me.  There is no doubt in my mind that he would drive three hours one day to the beach to make me feel better and get away for a relaxing time at my favorite place. Want to know why? Because he did over Christmas break when I was down and wanted to get away for a couple of days.
  3. He makes me laugh and smile. After a long day, he always knows how to make me laugh and smile, even when I am in the worst mood possible. If you can find someone who can make you laugh at the stupidest things and smile by just doing the smallest thing, then keep him because that is really hard to find. Trust me on that.
  4. He believes in me. Everyone needs someone to be their “cheerleader” in life and help them get through their biggest strengths and their worst weaknesses. Fun fact, I was his actual cheerleader on the cheer squad during football season when he played in high school. Just as I was his cheerleader for the sport he played, he has been my cheerleader throughout life. He and I both try to pick each other when we are worried about schoolwork and have certain things going on in our lives. The most important thing is for the two of you to believe in each other.
  5. I am his princess, but I am also treated like one of the guys. If you do not get this, then he might not be your best friend after all. You know the saying, “you date one, you get them all”? Well this is what I mean about his friends. I know so much about all of his guy friends because we are at “the farm,” the place where the guys live and hang out every once in a while. It is kind of awkward for me to be the only girl in the group when we hang out, but that is okay. I am hoping they will get girlfriends soon, but we will see.
  6. There is no such thing as private. If you two are best friends, you both do not really care what the other one thinks because they are used to it and understand. There is no such thing as awkwardness or privacy in your relationship because you are both open with each other. Getting to be my complete self around my significant other is probably the best thing ever.
  7. He knows EVERYTHING and still LOVES me. Adam knows literally everything. From the good parts, to the bad parts, and to the real ugly parts. Trust me on the real ugly part – he has tried to wake me up in the morning sometimes and figured that out. No one is perfect in life. I mean no one and if you think that, y’all got a reality check coming soon. It is nice to have someone who knows I am a human being and will make mistakes in life. I am pleased to have someone who picks me up when I am struggling and I can go to him and say, “I am having a real bad day, please love me.”
  8. We are A LOT alike. After being together for a long time, we have found out that we are much alike and like a lot of the same things. We love watching Netflix and movies together. I like watching him play video games because I used to play a lot of video games when I was in my teens. Yeah, I was a gamer for a little while, but I like to play on the Wii. I am still learning how to play Battlefield with that Xbox controller, but it is still kind of hard. We like the same foods. When we go to the beach we love to go to Duck Donuts and then go get all-you-can-eat crab legs. This girl can gobble up some crab legs, y’all.  You have no idea.

Anyways, enough of my talking because I am already hitting 1,042 words. My one hope for you all is that you find that significant other in your life who is your real, true, best friend and hold on to them tight. Cherish them for life.


College Life: Things for True Southerners


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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

There are many things that describe a person, some more than others. In the south, there are certain descriptions that describe everyone. Growing up in the south has made me the southern girl I am. No matter where I go in life, I will always have my southern roots to follow me and a piece of home that is with me. My senior year of high school, I was SO ready to move away and get out of the “boonies” or the “middle of nowhere”, but there will always be a special place in my heart for my southern living. There are many things that make a southerner, a true southerner, but there are many things that every person down south can relate to, and if you know, you know.

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College Life: Looking forward the Spring

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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

Spring feels like it’s desperately trying to be sprung. The warm weather has been teasing us. It has been 60-70 degrees certain days and it has been wonderful.  Are you as excited as I am that the the groundhog did not see his shadow? If we adhere to legend, this means we will have an early spring, yay! Here are some of the reasons I am looking forward to the spring and summer.

  1.     Warm weather. I absolutely love the warm weather. I despise the cold weather because it affects the  early arthritis in my knees and fingers.
  2.     I can wear warm weather clothing. I absolutely love to wear my athletic shorts in the warmer weather and my cute summer clothes. My closet has more summer clothes than winter clothes. 3.     Walk my dog. I love taking walks with my dog. Both him and I can get some energy and exercise by doing this in the warm weather. I used to hate to take my little one out into the cold to go potty. I love taking him out for evening walks and get him some fresh air.
  3.     Go to the beach. My FAVORITE place in the whole wide world. If I could live at the beach right now, I would but first I must get done with college first before I can do that. Go for a day trip with the girls or just go for a week to the beach to have some “you” time.
  4.     Go tanning. I love tanning and getting some sun. If the sun is out, do not go to the tanning bed. Get a towel, some tanning lotion, and lie down in the sun for a couple hours to get your tan on.
  5.     Play softball. I have been playing this sport for years now, and I look forward to playing in the spring because it is not so cold like in the fall and not so hot as it is in the summertime. I also just love helping the little girls who play softball as well in the spring to get them motivated to keep playing.
  6.     Go shopping. Shopping is always a favorite of mine. I love to go clothes shopping, because it is obviously new things for me to wear. I need to do some shopping and get me some new spring and summer clothes badly. I would love to just take a day and go to Richmond one weekend and just shop till I drop.
  7.     Go hiking. Who does not love a good hiking trip during the spring? Go out with your lover or your friends and take a nice hiking trip when it is good weather.
  8.     Go swimming. I love swimming in the pool or the ocean. Go swimming on a nice, warm day with friends and have some time to relax, away from all of the school work.
  9.  Go volunteer. Volunteer at your local shelter or in the community on a warm day. It is great to talk to people in the community, while doing service to give back to the community.
  10.  Plan a picnic. Do a picnic on the dell at school. A lot of people love to do this during the spring, when it is warmer and people can enjoy the weather outside, instead of it being bitterly cold.
  11.  Go on a sailboat ride in the sunset. Go to lake or the beach one weekend and have a nice sail boat ride in the sunset. These are good to go on with a special date or you can just go with friends.
  12.  Go get ice cream. Go get some ice cream from MayLynn’s Creamery in Downtown Lynchburg. They have amazing ice cream and I know you will enjoy it.
  13.  Go fishing. If you are from the south, you better love to go fishing. Me and my fiancé love to go fishing together. We love to go on the weekends when it is warmer and go to his friend’s bond to fish.
  14.  Go paddle boarding. Go paddle boarding at the beach or the lake one weekend!
  15.  Go go-kart racing. Go-kart racing is another one of my favorite things to do when it is warmer. My fiancé and I love to go go-kart racing at Swaders in Colonial Heights, VA.
  16.  Go to an amusement park. Go to Kings Dominion or Busch Gardens one weekend. I am sure you will have fun and lots of screaming!
  17.  Pick flowers. Go pick flowers from a local farm or garden and decorate your dorm room or apartment with fresh flowers.
  18.  Wear shoes other than boots (thank gosh). You know, I like wearing boots in the winter, but when the spring hits, they have got to do. I love my flip flops and I cannot wait to be able to finally wear them.
  19.  Smell the fresh cut grass. I know this sounds weird, but I love the smell of fresh cut crash in the spring. Everyone loves to cut their grass on a nice, sunny day. Living in the south, everyone loved to cut their grass on a nice day. I loved riding with the windows down smelling the fresh cut grass.

Hope you enjoy my things to do in the spring list!


College Life: Why I am Studying Journalism

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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

I never really decided that I wanted to study journalism until my senior year. As a little girl, I always wanted to be a veterinarian because I loved animals. Then, as I got into middle school and was going to play softball in college, I thought about studying marine biology because I love the ocean and the sea creatures. I changed my mind again in ninth grade and wanted to study speech pathology. By this time, I was still debating if I was going to play softball in college and if I was going to study speech pathology, since there was only a few colleges that offered it. By the summer of my senior year, I was trying to decide what I exactly wanted to major in, depending on what school I went to. Well, once I decided on the University of Lynchburg, I decided to do Communications and in the emphasis in Convergent Journalism. I decided that I wanted to be a news anchor on a news channel.

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College Life: Nineteen tips for the New Year

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

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Many people come up with resolutions at the start of the new year. It is hard to come up with resolutions and sticking to those resolutions is even harder. Some say the new year is like when you clean out a closet: out with the old and in with the new. Here are a few things you can try during your new year’s resolution for 2019.

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