At LC, Less is More

Alyssa Tkacik, Guest Writer~

Student-run and faculty encouraged, the Lynchburg Environmental Sustainability Society represents the environmental concern and dedication felt by not only the Lynchburg College campus, but the Lynchburg community itself. LESS has become a way for any who attend LC to become involved and educated regarding the school’s habitat. Read More

Flu Pandemic Reaches LC

Abby May, Guest Writer~

The Lynchburg College Health and Counseling Center has seen a high number of flu cases in the first five weeks of the 2018 spring semester.

Jamie Smith, the administrative director for health and counseling services said, “118 flu cases have been reported to the health center during the first five weeks of the semester.” Read More

Coming Soon: New Athletic Facility

Matthew Kane, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College is set to introduce a new athletic facility in place of Wake Field House as a part of the 2020 plan. The expansion of a new athletic building is part of a plan that will also see new dormitories and remodeling of science classrooms. Read More

Lynchburg College Celebrates Love

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

On campus today, Feb. 14, the Student Activity Board is hosting a Valentine’s Day buffet from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m. The buffet is made of Valentine’s Day candy; you are welcome to eat as much as you can handle. The event will take place on the third floor in Drysdale Student Center. There will also be an opportunity to takes pictures, choose and stuff your own stuffed animal, as well as pick out some roses for yourself or that special someone. Read More

Climbing Waterfalls

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

Dr. Takashi Maie, an assistant professor of Biology at Lynchburg College, has been pursuing research into the functional morphology of the Goby fish in Hawaii and his native Japan.

The Goby fish, also referred to as the waterfall climbing fish, use a sucking action coupled with the contraction of muscles attached to their vertebrae to climb up waterfalls.At the top of the waterfall, the Gobies find freshwater. This is necessary for Read More

Protect Your Property

Jasmine Brogden, Staff Writer~

Not long ago, you may have heard about a house vandalized or burglarized on campus. It
caused residential students to worry.

Some students expressed a fear of the same occurring to them. However, that is not
exactly the truth.

The rumored invasion was not an invasion at all. It was a result of fraternities taunting one another. Although it is not a true burglary, our Campus Safety and Security staff have to count it that way. Read More