President- Elect Biden

Presiden-Elect Biden and Vice President-Elect Kamala Harris

By Grace Cavannaugh, Jessica Head & Dr. Ghislaine Lewis

After a contentious election season, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. was declared the winner of the 2020 contest on Nov. 7. 

The winner was first announced by CNN as they projected that Biden had won Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral college votes to put him over the 270 threshold with 273 votes. 

According to the Associated Press, Biden currently has 290 electoral votes after winning Nevada and Arizona. Biden is also projected to win Georgia. President Donald J. Trump has secured 214 electoral votes including wins in Texas and Florida and is projected to win North Carolina. 

The Associated Press has also reported that Biden won the popular vote with 75,405,598 votes to Trump’s 70,905,496.

The Biden team also included the historic election of the first female, person of color as vice president in Kamala Harris.

After four days of waiting on the projections, students at the University of Lynchburg are relieved that there has finally been an outcome. 

Junior Michael Affo-Ashong said, “The election has been so consuming and distracting this past week, that was definitely a great thing to wake up to on Saturday,

While, senior Julia Melone said, “I’m thankful we didn’t and still aren’t folding to peer pressure and we’re staying true to democracy to have their vote heard. We ought to expect that bare minimum from our government.”

At publication time, President Donald Trump had not yet conceded. 

Senior Amanda Linehan said, “I feel a sense of relief but a bi of reservation. I am unsure how Trump will react and how his supporters will respond. He has already tried to make this an illegitimate election and that can be dangerous. It’s also our duty to keep the Biden administration accountable and continue to fight for social justice and individual rights.”

President-Elect Biden will official become president on Jan. 20, 2021

News and brief for the week of Nov. 2nd

FBI investigating voter suppression robocalls on Election Day - CNET
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FBI investigates robocalls warning voters to ‘stay home’

Voters across the U.S. received anonymous robocalls in the days and weeks before Election Day urging them to “stay safe and stay home” — an ominous warning that election experts said could be an effort to scare voters into sitting out the election.

The FBI is investigating calls that seek to discourage people from voting, a senior official at the Department of Homeland Security told reporters Tuesday. Authorities wouldn’t offer details.

Virus hospitalizations surge as pandemic shadows US election

Americans went to the polls Tuesday under the shadow of a resurging pandemic, with an alarming increase in cases nationwide and the number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 reaching record highs in a growing number of states.

While daily infections were rising in all but three states, the surge was most pronounced in the Midwest and Southwest.

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Basketball Boost

Link for the photo: 

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist

  The University of Lynchburg Men’s Basketball Team is kicked off preparation for their 2021 season with the Hornet Cup. 

Israel Lockamy, a senior guard on the University of Lynchburg Men’s Basketball Team, saw the Hornet Cup as a confidence boost for the 2021 season. Lockamy said, “My favorite moment was when our team won the Hornet Cup, and I hit the last half-court shot to win it! It will give me more confidence when shooting in actual games.”

He also said, “Just working out, I have seen many improvements from my teammates, which shows that they have worked on their game throughout the offseason.”

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Spring Sorority and Fraternity Recruitment

7 Tips to Mastering Sorority Recruitment | by Briana Gibson | Medium
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 Grace Curl ~ Guest Writer

     University of Lynchburg’s National Pan-Hellenic Council, Panhellenic Council, and Interfraternity Council community are holding their recruitment in the spring of 2021.

     To be a part of the recruitment process there is a fee of $25, which includes a t-shirt. There are multiple events to get to know the chapters, leading up to the main recruitment event. This is a great way for people to meet each other and learn about what being a part of Greek Life at the University of Lynchburg is like. 

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Mustache Madness

Photo provided by HEADstrong foundation.

Chip Quinn ~ Guest Writer

     The Lynchburg men’s lacrosse team is growing their mustaches and fundraising in an effort to fight cancer with HEADstrong Foundations Mustache Madness. 

     With fall ball coming to a close for the men’s lacrosse team, they have joined an initiative started by the HEADstrong foundation where college lacrosse players around the country are raising money to support families who are battling cancer. A member of the Lynchburg men’s lacrosse team recently had a close friend diagnosed with testicular cancer and this sparked the interest to get a fund-raising page started. 

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Spring Break 2021

Image by Nat LeDonne, taken from @university.of.lynchburg on Instagram.

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     The University of Lynchburg is implementing “Wellness Days” as opposed to a traditional spring break next semester.

     Faculty and staff alike have voiced how they are finding the fall 2020 semester to be difficult without any breaks. Usually, there is a fall break and Thanksgiving break, but this semester the University of Lynchburg is working through the entire semester without any breaks. This is so that traveling to and from campus is limited, therefore mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Next semester will look similar; however, days off from normal operations are being added to the calendar for spring 2021. 

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COVID Testing for Spring Semester

Image taken from

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     With only two weeks left of class, students are beginning to wonder about COVID’s effect on the spring 2021 semester. 

     After this compressed semester, students are seeing the positives and negatives of a compressed, hybrid semester, additionally, they saw how COVID still persisted despite the precautions. With students preparing to go home for the winter break, there is a rising concern for taking the virus home or bringing it back in the spring. 

     Nothing had been confirmed about testing for students and staff returning in the spring, but the University of Lynchburg Health Services sent out an email with information about free COVID testing before Winter break. The email started with, “The Health Center has partnered with the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) to offer free COVID testing prior to students returning home for winter break. Students wishing to take advantage of this service must pre-register using the link below.” The message included the link for registration and also states the location, “Hall Campus Center, Memorial Ballroom,” and time “Nov. 11, 2020 … 1:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.” There is also a bulleted point explaining that the test is only for those who do not have symptoms. 

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Mystic Magic: Reality Shifting

astral projection
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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     Recently I have been asked about reality shifting. About three months ago, there was a rash of attacks against popular Witchtokers for denouncing so-called “reality shifting,” where people would go to their favorite anime, or Hogwarts, or some other fictional place. 

     Initially I, and the popular Witchtokers, took it to be some sort of imaginative exercise. These people were disassociating from reality and going into someplace else, for whatever reason, and I thought it was more like lucid dreaming than astral projection.

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Watch with Me: A Comedy Anime to Destress at Finals

'Anime Manga Cute Konosuba' Poster Print by Team Awesome | Displate

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

With the spooky season having made its pass this semester, I wanted to turn to a more comical show for this week. “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!” or “God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!” (typically, just called KonoSuba) is a parody show that takes a number of anime cliches, such as reviving in a fantasy world, and twisted them into a comical situation. 

At the start of the show the main character, Kazuma Satou, dies after having a heart attack thinking he is going to be hit by a truck, which turned out to be a scooter. From there, he is offered a chance to reincarnate as the hero of a fantasy world and was allowed to bring one thing with him. He asks to bring the goddess (Aqua) speaking with him, assuming her to be all-powerful and a cheat to the end, but once they arrive, he learns how horribly weak she is. From there, Kazuma collects more people into his party and tries to save towns and the world from threats in his new life. 

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Culture Factor: La Día De Los Muertos

Celebrating Mexican Culture - Dia De Los Muertos
Image from:

Hunter Epperson ~ Staff Writer

 La Día de Los Muertos is often forgotten or confused with Halloween. This year, the holiday was celebrated from Sunday, Nov. 1st, 2020 through Nov. 2nd, 2020.

What is La Día de Los Muertos?

The Day of the Dead is celebrated in many Latinx cultures, but predominantly in Mexican culture. The  purpose of the holiday is to celebrate and demonstrate love and respect for deceased family members and ancestors and is considered Mexico’s most colorful annual event. 

    The holiday is celebrated through cultural activities including the painting of faces to represent skeletons and making of offerings to their descendants.

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Nerd Factor: Connery, Sean Connery

Sean Connery: A look at some of his career-defining roles - National |
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Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     To understand the power of the late Sean Connery’s star persona, consider two roles. One made Connery a household name. The other was a role Connery never played. 

     The first role is, of course, James Bond. Basically, Sean Connery made James Bond into Sean Connery. The character of James Bond had existed before the movies. Ian Fleming’s spy novels were best sellers for about a decade before anyone saw Bond on film. 

     The story goes that before the movies came out, Fleming had imagined Bond as a very different person, more like actor David Niven. If you are unfamiliar with David Niven, look him up online. I will wait here while you do. 

     David Niven does not look like James Bond, does he? That is no slight. Niven was an outstanding actor, but we all have trouble picturing him as Bond. In fact, Niven did later play James Bond, in a somewhat strained parodic movie called Casino Royale that was released in 1967. The idea of Niven in that role was meant to be funny. 

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America Votes

By Grace Cavanaugh, Cassandra Mathews and Dr. Ghislaine Lewis

As the United States grapples with a global pandemic and rising social tensions Tuesday, Nov. 2 marks the end of what has been a contentious electoral season.

At the University of Lynchburg , the Center for Community Engagement along with faculty, staff and students across the campus have been engaged in encouraging the community  to participate in the electoral process. 

Director of Community Engagement and Bonner Leaders Cindy Ferguson said she hoped students will be able to see that they have a voice and be able to learn to listen to all sides of the issues as they have constructive, civil, respectful conversations with others.

Ferguson noted, “My motto is that ‘it takes all kinds of people to reach all kinds of people,’ and we are always better when we work together to meet the needs of our communities, states and nation.”

Vice President for Inclusive Excellence, Dr. Robert Canida said, “Students who exercise their right to vote, should feel a sense of fulfilling a civic duty. My hope is that they realize that their vote counts, but equally important, that they have participated in such an important process whereby they can hold leaders accountable.”

Many students at Lynchburg at Lynchburg are ambivalent about this year’s elections but are still committed to exercising their right to vote.

Junior Niraly Patel said, “I’m sad and empowered at the same time. I wish our political system allowed for more competent candidates to have a chance, but money and connections are inextricably tied to success in the presidential race. I am empowered because it will be my first time exercising my right to voet and although the choices aren’t ideal, I will be able to vouch for myself and minority groups around the nation.”

While Amanda Linehan said she was not particularly excited but understood it was part of her civic duty. 

Other students like  senior Julia Melone said, “I’m glad I get to vote because so many Americans are being denied that right but I’m definitely dreading the election itself.

Ferguson cautioned students, she said, “Don’t listen to anyone that says that you are too young or know the issues well enough to vote.  You have a voice, be empowered to use it.It is important not only to vote but to be an informed voter.  Know the issues that are important to you and the candidates’ stands on those issues.There are many people who have fought for your right to vote and your responsibility as an American citizen should not be taken lightly.”

Despite the national concerns around free, fair and safe elections, Dr. Canida noted, “What a wonderful feeling it is to have your voice heard, especially by casting your vote. College age students will be this Nation’s future leaders! Their action to vote will drive the future of the United States.”

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