“Night at the Movies” Concert

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Art by Nicole Freewalt

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     “The Western Frontier: Cowboys on the Silver Show,” featuring the Wind Symphony and Orchestra and Community Big Band, will be on Feb. 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30 p.m. in Sydnor Performance Hall. 

     Dr. Oeida Hatcher, Wind Symphony Orchestra Director, said, “It is a classical concert that is designed to educate and entertain the audience. It is a very unique concert, and unless you have attended a previous movie concert, you probably will not have a reference point to compare.” 

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“For Some Letters…” 


Logo from apa1906.net

Davion M. Washington Jr. ~ Guest Writer

     Within his two terms as the General President of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. from 1912 to 1914, my Most Noble Big Brother, Charles H. Garvin, wrote and delivered the Esprit De Fraternité – The Spirit of Fraternity. In this call to action, Brother Garvin impressed upon the fraternity the continued notion that our great fraternity had serious purposes, emphasizing, “An Alpha Phi Alpha man’s attitude should not be ‘how much can I derive from the Fraternity’ but ‘how much can I do for the Fraternity?’”, and also what we can ultimately do for our communities. 

     Here at the University of Lynchburg, we are in a special predicament, as we currently have the only undergraduate fraternity and sorority chapters in the entire city. Given this predicament, we also have a special charge, a charge that is bigger than ourselves and even our own separate chapters. As members of Fraternity and Sorority Life at the University of Lynchburg, we have serious purposes, both in our campus community and our Lynchburg City community at large. With that, I offer this call to action… the Spirit of our FSL, if you will.

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College Life: Study Abroad 

kelli opinion
Photo courtesy of Kelli Carter

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     Last weekend was Valentine’s Weekend, which meant that love was in the air, whether it be with a partner or just showing your friends love. Last weekend, I also got the opportunity to visit one of my bucket list travel locations: Paris, France.

     I went to the city of love on the most commercialized love holiday of the year and actually loved it. It was everything that I expected Paris to be. Unlike my friends, who arrived in Paris on Thursday night, I arrived on Friday, allowing me to have all day Friday. My friends, on the other hand, arrived early Thursday morning, so they also had Thursday to explore the city. 

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Sports Junkie: “You Just Got to Have Fun”

Soccer Ball
Black and white photo of a soccer ball found on Coast ink: The Future of Apparel Printing website, http://cisports.blogspot.com/2010/09/soccer-ball.html.

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     Such a simple phrase, “You just got to have fun.”  But, honestly, I found this to be one of the hardest things for me to remember throughout some games and practices over my four years on the women’s soccer team at the University of Lynchburg.  Sometimes, at practices and games, I would find myself so stressed and anxious to make that one save as a goalkeeper that I forgot to “just play.” The coaching staff told me multiple times to “just play” throughout my years, yet I would always think, All I ever do is play.  What do they mean?  

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Students on the Prez Elect

From Instagram @prezelectlynchburg

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

  Since her announcement last semester, Dr. Morrison-Shetlar has made it her mission to meet every student at the University of Lynchburg. While she has yet to complete this goal, the word about UL’s president elect is spreading.

   Students are eager to meet Dr. Morrison-Shetlar and see the impact she will have on the university campus.

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Campus Safety and Security:  Building Community Relations


Caitlin Dorsch ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     With many questions surrounding the parking issue on-campus as a result of the building of Westover Hall, many students, faculty, and staff members of the University of Lynchburg have looked to Campus Safety and Security for answers.  

     Since the beginning of the school here, the University has had a number of traffic violations, from minor parking violations to hit-and-run incidents.  In fact, just last week, there was a hit-and-run incident, according to the University’s Daily Crime Log found in the University of Lynchburg website in the Campus Safety section.

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Mystic Magic: Wicca or Witchcraft?

Retrieved from History.com.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     This week, I decided to do a little research, because someone asked me what the difference between Wicca and Witchcraft was, and I did not know the answer. A quick Google search gave me 14 million results, but of course I only clicked on the first three.

     From what I can understand, most people use Wicca and Witchcraft interchangeably, because they are both a form of Paganism. So, in comparison, it is like Christianity. You have the umbrella of Christianity, but you also have the similar branches of Christianity, like Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, et cetera. 

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