College Life: Places to Eat in Lynchburg

Katherine Daniel – Editor in Chief

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Illustration by Nicole Freewalt 

Valentine’s Day is this week and who does not love Valentine’s Day? You might get candy and a stuffed animal from a friend, a lovely bouquet of roses from your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you could surprise your mom with flowers. Whichever way, Valentine’s Day is for everyone and it does not matter if you are single, in a relationship, or married: you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day. A lot of people just go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, which is nice. You get to enjoy a night of not worrying about homework (as long as you get it done before the dinner) and stress. There are many amazing places to go to dinner in Lynchburg and I thought it would be nice to list fourteen places to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend to dinner in Lynchburg.  So here we go. P.S., these are not in order from first to last. It is just a list of places that I like.

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The Buzz: College Life: Romantic Relationships Are Never Easy

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

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Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Relationships are never easy. You have situations where you want to cry, smile, or be angry. There are times where you want to have time away from your significant other and other times, you want them to hold you close. There are always many ups and downs to a relationship, but if you love each other, you end up making things workout in the end. I’ve been in a relationship with my man for five years now, and it has truly been a journey of plenty of laughing, crying, endless memories, and tons of love. But even in our relationship, things have never been easy. We have taken one break when we have been together, but not long after being apart, we came back together, and it seems like nothing ever happened. Since being in a long-term relationship, I have learned many key things to a successful relationship.

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First Year Vibes: First Semester Coming to an End

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Kueng

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After my fifth grade graduation, I went home (following shopping at Target) and cried. I had made so many friends at my elementary school and I did not want to start middle school the next year. At the time, Brosville Elementary was my happy place, full of friends and teachers that made me happy. I have always been so sentimental about things ending that my parents would purposely plan exciting things for me at the end of the school year, like fishing trips, just so I could look forward to something else.

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Lynchburg Men’s Basketball Starting Strong

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Copy Desk Chief


Members of the Lynchburg Mens Basketball team cheering on their other teammates in the game against Ferrum College. Photo taken by Taylor Herzog and retrieved from the Lynchburg Sports Website.

On Sunday, November 25, the University of Lynchburg’s Men’s Basketball team overwhelmed Eastern Mennonite University by a score of 87 to 72.  This is the team’s fifth straight win of the season. Their win streak began in their home opener on Thursday, November 8, against Ferrum College by a score of 75 to 57.  Next, the team defeated St. Mary’s College (Md.) in a nail-biter by a score of 83 to 80 on Sunday, November 11. Then, at the start of our Thanksgiving Break, the team defeated Randolph College by a score of 60 to 48 on Saturday, November 17.  That particular win was huge as it marked the beginning of the 2018 Old Dominion Athletic Conference regular season.

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