Women’s B-Ball Wins Their First Home Match of the 2019-20 Season


The University of Lynchburg Women’s Basketball team celebrates following
a successful two-point shot during the game against Meredith College on Sunday, November
10. Photo retrieved from the Lynchburg Sports Website and was taken by a member of the
Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network (LHSN).

     On Sunday, Nov. 10 at 12:00 p.m., the University of Lynchburg Women’s Basketball program defeated Meredith College by a score of 81-60. This game was the first of the regular season, and they began their campaign with a big win.  

     Third-year guard for the Lady Hornets, Maggie Quarles, started off the game by scoring a three-pointer.  In total, she scored 15 points in the game. Second-year transfer student and guard, Alissa Smalls, was the highest scorer in the game with 18 points.

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Mystic Magic: Happy Holidays?

Happy Holidays
Retrieved from Pinterest

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor 

     There has been a little debate that has arisen within my friend group. This debate is something I am sure a lot of readers can understand, and hopefully more than a few will take my side.

      Now that Halloween is over, is it Christmas? When is it an appropriate time to break out the favorite holiday tunes? Is it too early to put a blow-up snowman in the yard and erect a tree in the living room?

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College Life: 6 Tips to Feeling Better When Sick

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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

     It is finally that time of the season for…sickness! The flu, stomach bug, and allergies acting up, are all around in our air. It is around that time in the school year where everyone on campus is getting sick, especially if they live in the dorms. For me, my allergies have been the worse because of the weather changing from 75 degrees one day to 40 degrees another day. It is hard to take care of yourself while being sick at school, but here are some tips to get you on the path to feeling better and getting out of your room to go to class.

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Nerd Factor: You Might Be in Trouble This Halloween IV: A New Beginning

nerd factor
Photo retrieved from Pinterest.

Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     Wow, it’s the fourth year. You’ve been surviving these Halloween crises so well; folks are probably starting to look at you as the one who will save them all. But just because you’ve been so successful, don’t think you know it all. The Nerd Factor still has a lot of wisdom to impart that will help you decide if you might be in trouble this Halloween. 

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ESPN 3 Joins the University of Lynchburg Community

Photo retrieved from Lynchburg Sports Instagram.

Lindsay Riley ~ SAAC senator

     This past September, the Lynchburg Sports organization was able to finally announce the completion of a new deal with ESPN 3. Throughout the 2019-20 academic year, the Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network will have games available via their new YouTube streaming service as well as the ESPN 3 app. In order to learn more about this deal and what it means to the University of Lynchburg community I sat down with Joe Hutzler, the voice of LHSN. 

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A Bite of Multicultural Lynchburg


Poster for The International Food Festival

Emma Coffey ~ Guest Writer

Between Sept. 29 and Oct. 4, the University of Lynchburg will be hosting International Education Week with a variety of different cultural events. Director of the Center for Global Education Ellen Thompson, said that “some of the events during this week will be themed dinners, a study abroad fair, an international food festival, and more.” 

     According to Thompson, some of the popular events during the week are, the International Food Festival and the Study Abroad Fair. Thompson said the festival is, “about getting people and culture together in one room.”

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