College Life: Fraternity Life Rush Week

Five new members of Phi Kappa Tau Zeta Epsilon from fall rush week 2019. Photo retrieved from: Phi Kappa Tau Zeta Epsilon Instagram page.

Luis Lastra ~ IFC Internal Affairs VP

     This past week, the fraternities of the University of Lynchburg held fall rush week. The fraternities on campus include Phi Kappa Tau, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Nu and Phi Mu Delta.

Each night of the week, the fraternities held their own rush events to recruit new members with a high turnout. Phi Kappa Tau held events such as Hot Dogs and Brauts, Jump Lynchburg, Dodgeball in Wakefield House, Snowflex, and ended it with an invite dinner on Friday. 

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Second Year Vibes: Embracing Differences

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor 

     In schools across the U.S., the idea of tolerance for everybody is promoted. Examples of this include: not judging a friend because she is a Morman or not treating the foreign exchange student as if he is an exhibit on display. 

     However, if you Google ‘tolerance,’ you will see that its definition, according to Merriam-Webster, is “allow the existence, occurrence, or practice of (something that one does not necessarily like or agree with) without interference.” In my opinion, tolerating something or someone is one of the least things you can do. 

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Nerd Factor: Hype

Retrieved from

Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     Hype quickens the blood of fans and stirs their hearts. Hype also withers their souls and makes them despair for the future of their favorites. Hype is somehow aqua vitae and bitter poison at the same time.

     The culture industries need their fans to be at least happy enough to keep participating. The relationship is inherently insecure because the fan demands some change. After all, the fan cannot watch the exact same thing over and over again. The next issue, the upcoming sequel, or the next series must give the audience something a little bit new, but not so new that it drives them away.

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College Life: Seven College Budget Fall Décor Ideas

Photo by Katherine Daniel

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor-in-Chief

Now that fall weather is coming, it is now time to decorate your dorms/apartments with fall décor. The leaves are starting to fall from the trees, the pumpkin spice lattes are out at the coffee shops, and the weather is FINALLY cooling down to bearable temperatures. I love to decorate my apartment with fall décor to get in the spirit of fall and spooky season. Now, some fall décor can be expensive, but I am going to give you some ideas that are good in the price range for college students!  We have to have that college student budget. So here are seven fall décor ideas.

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SGA Corner: Transfer Students

 Taylor Deskins ~  SGA Senator

Transfer Students make up a small portion of the total student population, but they have a big impact on the university’s academics. Transfers tend to have a higher GPA than traditional undergraduate students nationwide. Even though transfer students are a minority here at the University of Lynchburg, they are an important population and should not be as underrepresented and forgotten as they are. There are many problems that transfers face at universities across the nation as well as problems specific to this university. While there are some fantastic initiatives and groups of faculty and staff that are working hard to make this a transfer-friendly campus, we have a few systematic issues that should be addressed. 

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Nerd Factor: The Face of the Joker


Screenshot 2019-09-30 23.52.05
Movie Poster for Joker

Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

While he has a certain sartorial flare for purple and orange clothing, the truly iconic elements of the Joker are his terrifyingly broad grin outlined in bright read lips, his green hair, and his ghoulish, white pallor. The look puts the clown in the Clown Prince of Crime. Like many other elements of the Joker, this distinctive look has shifted and changed over time. In fact, this fluidity is driving our culture’s unsettled reaction to the character’s upcoming movie.

     In comics, Joker’s visage has changed based upon the artists who drew him. There is some academic and fan debate over the influences that led to that look, from the disturbing face of the protagonist in the 1928 expressionist film The Man Who Laughs to the imagery found in a deck of playing cards. Each artist renders the Joker differently.  A list of personal favorites could fill this whole article, but Jim Aparo’s thin and wiry Joker has always been on the top of the list.

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