Mystic Magic: Almost End of the Semester

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

     It is almost the end of the semester! We have a grand total of two weeks left before finals. That is two more Mondays, six more MWF classes, four more T/R classes… Less than 20 days until finals are over and winter break begins.

     However, that week of finals does stand in the way between us students and the bliss of no classes for a month. It can feel like a slog over the next few weeks, some more than others, but I believe in all of us. We have been working for so long this semester to get to this point.

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Nerd Factor: The Annexation of Thanksgiving 

thanksgiving annex
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Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     Longtime readers know that I have been fascinated for a while by the so-called War on Christmas. A kind of concocted outrage that seems designed to get viewers to return to certain news stations after the commercial break, drive up page views on websites, and outrage those who like to quickly pass along memes without thinking about them much. The complaint goes that Christmas is somehow being wiped out. 

     This is ludicrously wrong. Christmas is just fine. 

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Appropriation or Appreciation?

appropriation piece
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Nicole Freewalt ~ Graphic Designer

     It seems that amidst the conversation regarding recent events that we as a school need a vocabulary lesson. Today, I am going to be delving into the difference between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation (and yes, there is a difference!). The two terms are related, but reflect on whether one is aware of cultural context or not. 

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Second Year Vibes: Preparing for Colder Weather 

cold weather
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Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     Even though I am more than halfway through the semester, I have been living in a summer/early fall state of mind. By this, I mean I still wear shorts to dinner (if I go to the gym afterwards) and I do not feel like carrying a coat to my classes. 

     Last weekend, I went home and contemplated bringing my Carhartt coat back to school with me, but I figured I would be fine until after Thanksgiving Break. I was wrong. I also learned it is important to check the weather when deciding what items to bring back to school.

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Mystic Magic: The Key to Organization

Photo taken by Unity Bowling.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

     It is the last few days before break. If you are anything like me, you are also counting down the seconds before you can go home on break. In the meantime, though, there are projects and essays being assigned. 

     Break is close enough to touch, but do not fall behind while you wait for it to arrive. It is easy to push aside due dates when you have a week of rest imminent.

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College Life: Thanksgiving Break is Here!


thanksgiving break
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Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

We came back from fall break a few weeks ago, and all I can think about is how much I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break. While fall break was a few days to relieve the stress I had with my midterms and all my assignments, it definitely was a tease. Fall break is just a taste of being home for a long weekend, but as soon as you adjust to being home for a long weekend, it is time to go back to school. I cannot help but look forward to Thanksgiving Break, and here are a few reasons why.

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Second Year Vibes: Adjusting to Change 

Photo retrieved from Greenwood Counseling Center.

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     The older I get, the more things seem to change in life. Whether it is in my own life or my friends’ lives, I swear nothing stays the same once you hit around 16-years-old. Once you get behind the wheel of a car, the world feels new and exciting again. 

     Change comes with beautiful things. When you get in a new relationship, there are butterflies and excitement. On the other hand, when a relationship ends, everything can feel pretty dismal. Since beginning college, I have undergone a lot of changes whether it be weight loss or switching my major from nursing to English. 

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