The Great and Powerful Osborne

Dr. Clifton W. Potter, LC History Professor~

From 1955 until his retirement in 1987, Dr. Paul Osborne was a member of the biology department. These are the simple facts of his tenure at Lynchburg College, but the story of “Oz, great and powerful” encompasses more than two dates separated by a hyphen. Actually, the hyphen is what really matters. During his thirty-two years as a member of the faculty, Dr. Osborne was one of our most popular professors.  He was not the performer that Dr. John Mahan was, although he had a wonderfully dry sense of humor. He did not enjoy the celebrity of Dr. Ruskin Freer, whose name was almost a household word in Central Virginia, but the mere mention of Dr. Osborne will elicit a host of memories from alumni. Read More

Revolutionary Woman, Belle Hill

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., LC History Professor~

Last week I was talking with an alumnus and our conversation soon turned to our college days and our favorite classes. I asked him whom he had for English literature and with a wistful smile he replied, “Mrs. Hill.” Then both of us paused to share our memories of that remarkable lady. Read More

LC in History: Parents Weekend Traditions

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., LC History Professor~

Last weekend, we all had the opportunity to take a break and enjoy our annual Parents Weekend.

This event requires a great deal of planning, and a number of people, especially Janet Cocke Sigler ‘65, deserve our special thanks for a wonderful three days. Sixty years ago, there was no Parents Weekend. Of course, parents would visit the campus and take their son or daughter and their close friends out to dinner, but there was no organized event for families except at graduation in June. Read More

LC in History: Boredom Begets Miracles

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., LC History Professor~

Last week I had to work in the office after supper on a Friday evening. The semester was young, summer was still in the air, and the streets around campus were full of students laughing, wandering from one place to another and having a great time. This pattern of Read More

Hopwood Reaches Landmark Status

Katherine Graves, Assistant Editor~

Hopwood Hall is now the first Lynchburg College building to become a Virginia Landmark, thanks to the work of LC professors Dr. Clifton Potter and Dr. Dorothy Potter.

The process of getting Hopwood Hall recognized as a Virginia Landmark took around a year and required about 100 pages of paperwork and help from Read More