Woman to Woman

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Kristen Blount ~ Guest Writer

     Woman to Woman is an organization recently created at the University of Lynchburg to serve as a safe environment for women of color. It is quite common for minority women, especially at a predominantly white institution, to seek out others in their affinity group as a means of establishing their identity. Many  minority students often feel left out, treated differently, and held to a higher standard. 

     To combat these tendencies, Woman to Woman allows students, and  faculty and staff, to have an open dialogue about the struggles they face. The organization seeks to create an inclusive community where students are able to embrace one another’s differences and encourage each other in all aspects of life. In return, members of the organization hope to be held accountable when anyone comes to our organization seeking help regarding problems they have faced or witnessed with the expectation that we will advocate for them.

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College Life: Never Give Up

Photo retrieved from Pinterest.

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor In Chief 

     All it takes is something simple, like waking up too late, having to rush around in the morning because you forgot about an assignment that was due, not knowing where your car keys are, spilling coffee on yourself before going to work, or forgetting your notebook for one of your classes. In that one instant, a day at college can go from being one of the greatest days to being one that you just want to be done with so you can go back to sleep for the rest of the day.

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Second Year Vibes: The Weight of Failure

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

    If you are a college student, you know the sinking feeling you get when you have received a bad grade. Whether you are logging in to look at Turnitin or Moodle, or you are given back your assignment in class, it can feel like not only is your work is a failure, but you are too. 

     Nobody likes to fail in life. When you were a child, and you fell off the bike you were attempting to ride without training wheels, you likely got upset. This miserable feeling carries on throughout your life. When you are a child, you might fail at trivial things, like losing a game of Uno. But, as you grow up, you feel like a failure when you do not get the job promotion or when everyone around you is in a happy relationship except for you. 

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Nerd Factor: In Praise of the Space Kook

Scooby and Shaggy encounter the Space Kook. 

Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     Over a bleak landscape, an otherworldly vehicle flies across the dusky horizon. Its dilapidated condition creates a haunting sense, amplified by the pulsing red lights from its cockpit and the bizarre electronic sound of its engines. After the craft sets down, a strange figure makes its way up the dirt road towards the viewer. The blue space suit seems to glow in the low light as the being lopes forward with a strange gait. As it nears, a blue skull is visible through the suit’s helmet dome. The dome glows red and the skull screams an eerie laugh.

That scream sent a chill down my very young spine. While there have been many more popular culture frights fired along my central nervous system since then, as the season of scares near, I find myself nostalgic for my youthful first encounter with Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!’s Space Kook.

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Women’s Golf: Creating a Legacy

Freshman Lilly Self driving a ball off of the tee in the Emory & Henry Invitation on Tues., Oct. 1.  Image retrieved from the University of Lynchburg Sports Website. Courtesy of Brent Treash of Emory & Henry College.

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Copy Desk Chief

     The University of Lynchburg Women’s Golf program has started their first year strong, already creating a legacy of team comradery and excellence.  Third-year student and first-year golfer Lindsay Stanley insists, “Being a player on the first women’s golf team is so exciting. We’re making history and having fun while doing it.”

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Six Things to Do While on Fall Break

fall break
Image retrieved from Pintrest

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

     Fall break is finally here, heck yeah. It is finally time for that break to go home and see your friends and family. This is the time to catch up with those that you have not seen in a while. The only problem about going home for fall break is that it is a teaser before Thanksgiving and Christmas break. By the time Christmas break is here, I will be done with my undergraduate level too! (Woohoo!) Here are some things that you can do while being on fall break.

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