Sports Junkie: NFL Trades

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

Recently, there have been some big free agency moves in the NFL. ESPN released signings involving Richard Sherman, Jimmy Graham, and many more big-name athletes. So far this offseason free agency has been one of the hottest ones yet, and there’s still the NFL Draft to come. Read More

She Said: Send Nudes

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

So, let’s talk about nudes. Unfortunately, this discussion has nothing to do with my favorite types of lipstick. Some of you might send out a collective gasp, but I’m just going to throw it out there: Sending nudes is stupid.

I get it, nudes can be fun and flirtatious, and they’re a regular staple of sexting. However, it seems like the cons outweigh the pros. Maybe, they make you feel confident or maybe you’ve been conditioned into thinking you need to send that guy a picture of yourself sans clothes in order for him to like you; despite the reasoning, I find that sending nudes is an ignorant and risky act. Often, we do it impulsively, without even considering the potential ramifications, or we just ignore them and assume everything will go smoothly, because we totally trust this person. Maybe, there are certain circumstances where it’s rational to assume everything will be fine – like if you’re in a seriously committed relationship – but even then you don’t know what the future holds. Read More

LC in History: The Great War

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., LC History Professor~

During spring break I received several pieces of mail dealing with the commemoration of the centennial of the end of World War I, which will take place on November 11, 2018. Even one of my favorite television programs, “Timeless,” marked its return to primetime with an episode dealing with the Great War.  All this brought to mind one of my fondest memories of my years at Lynchburg College. In the spring of 1966, Robert Hailey directed R.C. Sheriff’s award-winning drama Journey’s End. First produced in London in 1928, the play is set in a British army dugout near Saint-Quentin, Aisne, France in late March 1918.  Hailey was finishing his doctorate, and this production was one of the final projects required for the completion of his degree at Case-Western Reserve University. Read More

Nerd Factor: Winged Victory?

Dr. Mike Robinson, LC Communication Studies Professor~

Longtime readers of the Nerd Factor will no doubt recall that this column remains more than a little dubious on subject of superpowered flight.  Although people often name flying when asked to fantasize about having a superpower, the ability itself is fraught with potential problems. Ease of high altitude transportation, for example, has to reckon with the difficulties of navigating from high altitudes.  Of the many and various ways that superhero stories have presented flight, one of the most problematic subsets of this power is the possession of actual wings. Read More

Political Perspective: A Change is Nigh

Carter Elliott, Staff Columnist~

It’s horrible to say, but it’s true. Gun violence and the fight for gun control in America has been cyclical in our country. Acts of violence occur, some people speak out in favor of gun control, America divides, arguing happens, interest fades and then it repeats. Read More

She Said: The Sweet Life

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

Let’s talk about something sweet; let’s discuss the sugar lifestyle. Maybe your first instinct is to wonder what I’m talking about, but I know you have all heard of sugar daddies and sugar babies, whether from a pop culture reference, someone casually saying they need to find one or even real-life experience. Read More

Sports Junkie: Kawhi’s Return

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

In recent news, Kawhi Leonard is planning to return back to playing basketball in San Antonio sometime in March, after missing quite some time with the team. Leonard was originally sidelined due to injury in late September last year, which kept him out of play until mid-December. This is where things begin to get interesting with the All-Star forward. Read More