First Year Vibes: Life in the Present

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

Life is often defined by moments when dreams are fulfilled, such as graduating from college, getting married, having children, and retiring.  These are the moments that people look forward to as they get older and these are the moments that stand out when people look back at their lives. For example, as a high school senior, I often dreamed about graduating and starting college.

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Mystic Magic: Spells and Tarot

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Staff Writer

So something that many people equate to Tarot readings is magic. Harry Potter had a divination class with reading tea leaves and looking into crystal balls, and I would bet one of my Tarot decks that he had a section on Tarot readings with Professor Trelawney.

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Nerd Factor: You Might be Dating a Space Alien

Dr Mike Robinson~UL Communication Studies Professor

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.21.27 AM.png

Space aliens can be a tricky bunch. Whether they take over human forms, or just imitating them like shape-shifting Skrulls, whether they are secretly infiltrating our society to take control, or just covertly studying us for research purposes, space aliens are unlikely to be forthcoming in their personal lives.  Because the Nerd Factor cares deeply about your emotional well-being, here are some tips for telling if you might really be dating a space alien:

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UL in History: Memories of Dr. Ashe

Dr Clifton W. Potter Jr. ~ UL History Professor

A friend of mine was the first person I knew who had the chance to study abroad.  He was enrolled in a program sponsored by the University of Birmingham at Stratford upon Avon during the summer of 1960.  The chance to study under Allardyce Nicoll, one of the recognized authorities on British drama, made the program particularly attractive.  When he returned in September, I asked my friend about his experience. He enjoyed working with Dr. Nicoll, but he did not hesitate to tell everyone he knew that the course on Shakespeare taught by Dr. Dora Jean Ashe, was better than one he had just finished in England. Those of us who had taken one or more of her literature courses were not surprised.  Dr. Ashe was the best of the best.

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College Life: Places to Eat in Lynchburg

Katherine Daniel – Editor in Chief

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.10.28 AM.png

Illustration by Nicole Freewalt 

Valentine’s Day is this week and who does not love Valentine’s Day? You might get candy and a stuffed animal from a friend, a lovely bouquet of roses from your boyfriend or girlfriend, or you could surprise your mom with flowers. Whichever way, Valentine’s Day is for everyone and it does not matter if you are single, in a relationship, or married: you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day. A lot of people just go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day, which is nice. You get to enjoy a night of not worrying about homework (as long as you get it done before the dinner) and stress. There are many amazing places to go to dinner in Lynchburg and I thought it would be nice to list fourteen places to take your girlfriend, boyfriend, or friend to dinner in Lynchburg.  So here we go. P.S., these are not in order from first to last. It is just a list of places that I like.

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First Year Vibes: On Turning Nineteen

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 1.42.59 AM.png

In less than a week, I will be celebrating my nineteenth birthday. When I was younger, I often wondered what my sixteenth birthday would be like, or what it would be like to  turn the big eighteen-years-old; however, nineteen is kind of an age I overlooked. I did not think about how it would be my first birthday away from home, or that nineteen is my last year of being a teenager. Although I know I still have a lot to learn, I wanted to share nineteen things I have realized over the course of my life, and especially during my first year of college.

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Mystic Magic: Very Superstitious

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Staff Writer

I have been a little off brand recently and figured I should probably go back to the “Mystic Magic” I came here writing. To get back on topic, I thought I would write about some of the superstitions surrounding tarot cards.

One such superstition is something I always forget: you are not supposed to buy the cards for yourself. The tradition is to have the cards given to you. For a lot of people, like me, we are too impatient to wait for a deck to be given to us, or the people around us are not picking up our hints. I know I have, for one, shown many people my Etsy wishlist, full of different decks I would love to receive as a gift. Through Christmas and my birthday, though, I ended up buying a few of these decks for myself.

One way to get around this superstition, my pagan friend and I have found, is getting another person to buy it for you. I get my pagan friend to buy me a deck, and then coincidentally gift her the same amount of money she spent on the deck. It is a clever and convenient way to get around this particular superstition.

According to a few tarot websites, though, this superstition is dependent on the person buying the deck. If you are someone who is prone to believing black cats and broken mirrors bring bad luck, maybe wait for a tarot deck gift. For others, using a Tarot deck you bought yourself or one gifted to you by a friend or family, they all work the same.

Another superstition I want to address is that there are leftover “essences” of people who have previously touched the cards. Some tarot reading books will advise you to knock the past impressions of people out by physically knocking on the cards, something that I do for every reading.

Another way to get rid of these phantom impressions is to cleanse the cards with white sage or crystals. Since I cannot burn sage in my house on campus, I opt for the safer choice of crystals. There is a shop in Richmond, Virginia, called Rest in Pieces, that I like to visit every time I go home. The last time I went, I bought a large chunk of white quartz to cleanse my cards and two little hematite stones to draw out negative energy.

Of course, there are plenty other crystals and stones that you could use to cleanse your cards, and I hope to eventually have a wide assortment of crystals to use. To cleanse the cards, you put the crystals on top of the deck and set the deck by a window. They stay like this overnight and are good to go for the next reading.