A Confused Hornet in a Pandemic

Our First Day of Sophomore Year… Didn’t know we were in for such a wild ride! Photo from Anna-Catherine Keung

By Anna-Catherine Kueng

Where do I begin with my perspective as a student, specifically, a Lynchburg Hornet, in the midst of a pandemic? 

First, I want to acknowledge that I could never say what virus I am referring to in this article, and you would still know. Turn on the news, get on Facebook, look at the toilet paper aisle at the grocery store, or basically talk to another human being, and you will hear about the Coronavirus. It has sparked conversation around the world, put masses into panic, and most impacting for me, it has moved my college classes online. 

Recently, I saw a meme on Facebook announcing a girl was starting college at “Da Crib University.” I chuckled, yet at the same time, it is alarming to think about how seriously the virus is affecting everyone and that it has closed UL’s campus. 

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Sports Junkie: “Too Busy”?

Clock with “Too Busy” written. Picture from www.videoblocks.com.

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     Perhaps one of my pet peeves is hearing the words, “I am too busy!”  In my opinion, the word “busy” means that you do not have time to give to something.  This idea implies that you are giving your time to something else, not related to the thing that you are “too busy” for.  And, hearing this as a student-athlete was always something that aggravated me to no end.  

     Now, I want to make note that I understand that, sometimes, student-athletes genuinely are busy in their lives.  However, I refuse to believe that an individual literally has no time whatsoever to give to the sport that they say that they love.  For me, being “busy” is simply a matter of perspective. For example, if I tell myself, “Wow, I am really busy today,” then I am essentially given myself an excuse to not do something else that I could have done to make myself better that very day.  

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Second Year Vibes: Fear and Action

fear and action
Picture retrieved from Pinterest

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     Globally, the world is scary. It would be foolish to deny that fact. There are terrorists, the coronavirus is spreading, children die from the flu, sober people get killed by drunk drivers, and the list continues. Individually, the world can also be scary. Maybe you received a medical diagnosis you did not want, maybe your home life is falling apart, or maybe you just do not know how you are going to make it one more day in this chaotic world. 

     It is natural to recognize that the world is not what you grow up dreaming it is. When I was a child, I knew there were bad things, but I did not know the extent of what was happening around me. Gradually, as I got older, I began to learn more about the awful things not only in Virginia and the U.S., but around the world. Last August, I was really shaken when a grandmother, mother, and baby were all murdered by their family member right near my rural hometown. The tragedy was overwhelming to think about at times. I did not even know the family, and yet sometimes I cry when I think about the grief the surviving husbands must feel every day. 

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College Life: Studying amidst the Coronavirus

Student Abroad
Photo by Kelli Carte

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer 

     This week has been such a hectic and crazy week with everyone in my program and the world worrying about the Coronavirus that has been affecting so many people. The most affected country in Europe last week was Italy. As a result, everyone was on high alert. A lot of my friends who went to Milan for fashion week were actually scared that they might have been infected.

     My friends who went to Milan for the weekend said that not only did they have to go through security to get on the plane, but when they got off the plane, they had to get a body scan in order to see if they were sick or had a fever. Some of my friends indicated that it was surreal, like something out of  a movie.

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Mystic Magic: The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Mystic Magic
Retrieved from Pinterest.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Co-Editor in Chief

     I know it has been a week since diving into Aleister Crowley, but this week I wanted to talk about an organization he was in for a brief time, and an organization that influenced the creator of Wicca, Gerald Brosseau Gardner. That organization is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.

     First off, what in the world is the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn? The answer to that question is an odd one, for sure. According to the New World Encyclopedia, the Hermetic Order was a “magical order of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, which practiced various forms of theurgy and spiritual occultism.” Basically, it was a group of people who met up in a religious context and did spooky stuff.

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Second Year Vibes: Being an English Major 

Screen Shot 2020-02-25 at 4.36.14 PM
Art by Nicole Freewalt

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     When I was a child, most of my time was consumed with my mother reading to me or writing stories on my typewriter. Sometimes, they were not even my stories. I would copy my favorite books simply because I liked the way it felt to type. 

     In elementary school, I started writing journals, which led to writing poetry because I did not have the patience to write long journals. It was easier to just write short stanzas. However, as a child, I never thought about majoring in English. I did not even think about college very much. I just knew I would go one day. 

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Nerd Factor: X-Ray-ted Vision

X-Ray Spex advertisement from the 50’s

Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     X-ray vision seems like an ideal superpower to have. The ability to see through walls and other physical objects provides obvious advantages to the superhero. Need to find a hidden bomb? Start looking through all the walls of the city. Do you suspect some enemies are about to ambush you in the next room? Check ahead and see. Despite this utility, x-ray vision is a power that a superhero may come to regret possessing. 

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