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News and brief for the week of sept. 14th

California Fires in Loyalton, Vacaville & More: What We Know
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Seeping under doors, bad air from West’s fires won’t ease up

Dangerously dirty air spewing from the West Coast wildfires is seeping into homes and businesses, sneaking into cars through air conditioning vents and preventing people already shut away by the coronavirus pandemic from enjoying a walk or trip to the park.

People in Oregon, Washington state and California have been struggling for a week or longer under some of the most unhealthy air on the planet. The acrid yellow-green smog may linger for days or weeks, scientists and forecasters said.

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Back in the Saddle with Hybrid Classes

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     The University of Lynchburg Hornets went back to hybrid in-person classes on Monday, per the new rules of the revamped Alert Level 2.

According to the university’s COVID-19 data page as of Tuesday, Sept. 7, there are  12 active positive cases in the student population and an additional 82 students in quarantine and isolation. Since the beginning of the school year on August 12, the university has resolved 186 cases. 

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A night at the snuvies

Promo poster sent out by SN for the event

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     On Sunday, Sept. 6, the Sigma Nu fraternity  hosted “A Night at the Snuvies” and showed “42: The Jackie Robinson Story” in honor of Chadwick Boseman. The event was held in accordance with Covid-19 safety guidelines, including sanitization, masks, social distancing, and temperature checks, during the event. Additionally, in order to accommodate properly, they had an RSVP system set up. The screening featured a free raffle that was joined by attendance, with the prizes being an Amazon gift card, a Regal Theater Gift Card, a speaker, and a TV. 

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Golfing at the University of Lynchburg

Harry Hogbert. Picture retrieved from

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     At the University of Lynchburg the golf teams are striving to be leaders in their community by excelling in academics and golf. 

Harrison Hodgert, a junior golfer at the University  devotes his time to academics, golf, and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee or SAAC. Hodgert said, “I believe I have left somewhat of a mark at the University especially for the golf program. I have tried my hardest academically and in golf and will continue to do so until I graduate. I hope to break and create more records for the golf program, but all records are meant to be broken and I know there will be a new guy who comes along that will be much better than me. I hope that whatever record I break or make helps encourage the new guys to play better and create their own mark at the university.” 

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news and brief for the week of sept. 7

A Timeline of Kanye West's 2020 Presidential Run | Billboard

Arizona Supreme Court denies West’s bid to appear on ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Kanye West’s bid to appear on the state’s Nov. 3 ballot as an independent presidential candidate, just hours before eight of the state’s 15 counties faced a deadline for printing ballots.

The decision marked the end of the rapper’s attempt to run in Arizona. He had appealed a lower-court decision last week that barred him from the ballot.

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News In Brief For the Week of August 31st

McDonald's Calls Ex-CEO's Attempt to Dismiss Lawsuit 'Morally Bankrupt' -  Eater
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McDonalds Hit with Racial Discrimination Lawsuit

Over fifty Black former franchisees of  fast food giant McDonalds have filed suit in federal court, saying the company treated Black partners differently, provided misleading data and steered them toward worse locations. Average annual sales of Black-run McDonald’s franchises was $700,000 below the national average, and the number of Black franchisees has decreased by about half since 1998 even as the number of global stores doubled. The current suit seeks up to $5 million per plaintiff to account for lost revenue and accrued debt. 

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Bored Due To COVID And Looking For Something To Do?

Hunter Epperson ~ Staff Writer

     Looking for something to do, and it is free? This Saturday, September 5th 2020, CrossFit Lynchburg will be holding a free introduction to CrossFit class! The class is available for anyone, regardless of weight, age, gender/sex, working out experience, and CrossFit experiance! The class will go from 9:00 am to approximately 10:00am at 2306 Bedford Ave, Lynchburg VA 24503 between Small Batch Barbeque and Golf Park Coffee. If interested or have any questions, please contact or (434) 922 -0189, or just show up! Be sure to arrive early because space is limited, and fills up quickly! 

Hornets in Quarantine

Art by Alyson Draper

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

 The University of Lynchburg is set to resume hybrid classes on Monday, Sept. 7.   At publication time there  are 25 positive COVID-19 cases, 17 of which are on campus, and 80 students in quarantine.

University President Dr. Alison Morrison-Shetler in an email to the campus community on Aug. 28 said, “ I remain optimistic and hopeful that we will begin to see a steady flattening of the number of positive cases and a decrease in the number of our students in isolation and quarantine.”

     Mina Work, senior, said, “I was in isolation for 10 days and quarantined for 14. As soon as I realized that I could be getting sick I started to isolate myself and made an appointment at the health center.”

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Virtual Events: A New Focus

Commuter Student Association’s Virtual Organization Fair. Photo by Rachel Garnett

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     Virtual and socially distanced events are underway for University of Lynchburg students to enjoy safely.

     Student organizations on campus are replacing some in-person events with virtual events in order to keep students having fun while staying safe at the same time.

     Second-year student Ruby Grant is the PR and Marketing Coordinators for the university’s Student Activities Board. This organization is tasked with running recreational programs and events for students to enjoy where students need a valid student ID to attend.

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Hornet Women Tennis Players Know How to Serve

Image from the Lynchburg Sports website

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     Many varsity athletes are heartbroken that they are not able to play their favorite sport; however, many varsity head coaches are encouraging their players to use their spare time to serve fellow classmates. Some varsity athletes have used this opportunity to serve as Peer Assistant Supplemental Studies or PASS leaders, in the writing center, and as lab assistants. 

   Senior tennis player Ellen Druebbisch is a PASS leader for Organic Chemistry.  Druebbisch said, “The most rewarding part of being a PASS leader is when the students get excited after they do better on a quiz or test than they thought they would. I really enjoy helping the students understand the material in class so they can be successful. I also love the relationships I have built with my PASS students and look forward to seeing them each week.” 

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We Are Down, But Not Out!

Benjamin Smith

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     When club sports athletes arrived at the University of Lynchburg on Aug. 12, they envisioned practicing and competing in their favorite sport. However, club sports teams have followed the policies that were implemented by the varsity teams. As a result, club sports teams will not be able to have large team practices and will not be able to compete through the remainder of 2020. 

     Recently, Director of Club Sports, Benjamin Smith explained that the university’s move to Alert Level 2 would affect club sports.  Smith said, “The policy is that we would just be temporarily suspending club sports until we go back down below three active cases on campus. The college population is not hit hard by this virus. College students at least some of them believe this which makes them sometimes not take it as seriously. We can still right the ship, but the whole student body population needs to follow protocols.” 

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Lynchburg & The Falwells

Image taken from the Liberty University website

Peter Lynch, Class of 2009

Washington DC 

University of Lynchburg Alumni Board Member

The Westover Building’s terrace was named after Jerry Falwell Sr. last year.  Why is the University of Lynchburg honoring a man that did not honor the inclusive liberal arts values that we cherish? I believe the Falwell name should come down and a better representative of our school, of which there are many, should go up. 

     Jerry Falwell Jr. gave a gift to the University of Lynchburg valued at 1 million dollars, and his father did attend Lynchburg College for two years. After that it would seem not much else ties these Lynchburg institutions to one another. 

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Suicide During The Pandemic

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Hunter Epperson ~ Staff Writer

     According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, taking more than 48,000 people’s lives in 2018.” Additionally, according to the CDC, “roughly 10.7 million American adults seriously thought about suicide, 3.3 million American adults made a plan to commit suicide, and 1.4 million attempted to commit suicde.” 

     On the same hand, suicide does not just impact someone of a speicific age, race, gender/sex, or ethnicity. In fact, “suicide is the seocnd leading cause of death of people between the ages of 10 to 34 years old, fourth leading cause od death for individuals between 35 to 54 years old, and eighth leading cause of death among people 55 to 64,” states the CDC. Lastly, “non-Hispanic American Indian/Alaska Native and non-Hispanic White populations are at the greatest risk for suicide, and individuals in the fields of miltiary, construction, the arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media fields are also at the greatest risk for committing suicide,” according to the CDC. But why should we, Americans, be concerned about the suicide pandemic in the United States? 

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SGA’s Plan for Fall 2020

Davion Washington (left) and Matthew Gillett (right) of the SGA. Taken from the university website’s SGA page.

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     With the coronavirus there has been continued pressure on the University of Lynchburg’s Student Government Association (SGA)  to create a home for their fellow hornets  while prioritizing safety. 

Davion Washington, president of SGA, has continued to meet with university administration and faculty weekly to advocate for the safety and concerns of the student body.

     He explained that the SGA’s main focus for the 2020-2021 school year is “making sure this semester [goes] well” and “creating the proper messaging and educating students” on things surrounding the COVID-19 situation on campus. He also emphasized the importance of student involvement in keeping on top of reporting and monitoring the coronavirus on campus. 

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