New Scholarship for STEM Teachers 


Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     A new scholarship is available for University of Lynchburg  students who want to be STEM teachers. According to the University’s  website, “The Noyce Scholarship Program for STEM Teachers provides unique opportunities to students who want to teach STEM subjects in today’s diverse classrooms. Qualified students receive outstanding scholarships during their junior and senior years of college that combine with other merit scholarships awarded by Lynchburg.” 

     Noyce Grant Pathway Coordinator at University of Lynchburg, Dr. Paula Lichiello, explained, “The National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Scholarship for 2019-2024 is for students who major in chemistry, biology, physics, environmental science, or mathematics education. This NSF grant provides significant scholarship support ($10,000 to $20,000 per year) to eligible college students in their junior and senior years. In return, students commit to two years of teaching in grades 7-12 in a high-need school division in Virginia for every year of scholarship support.” 

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Christmas in the Chapel


Bailey Pettrey ~ Guest Writer and Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     The University of Lynchburg kicked off the festive holiday season with performances from the University of Lynchburg Choral Union, Concert Choir and the Lynchburg Singers. The performances were lead by ‘12 MEd and ‘16 MA, Jeremy M. Craft and accompanied by Dr. Cynthia B. Ramsey on piano. The choirs that performed featured students, faculty and members of the Lynchburg community at large.  

     Additionally, the concert included Lynchburg alumni. Hattie Elder ‘18, a former University of Lynchburg student, performed alongside the current crop of performers.  “It was so nice to perform ‘at home’ again with some of my closest friends and colleagues,” Elder said. “Singing together really helped me get into the Christmas spirit.”

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NSLS Inducts New Members


Caroline Wilkerson ~ Staff Writer

     On Dec. 8th, 73 students were inducted into the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS).

     Secretary of NSLS, Jasmine Duff, said, “The NSLS induction encompassed the leadership and successes of many of our students. I am a part of this society to help these students grow into the leaders they are and to help them reach their full potential.”

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Late Night Breakfast


Emma Coffey ~ Staff Writer

     On Tuesday, Dec. 17, the Burton Dining Hall will be open from 10:00-11:30 p.m. to allow students to have a Late-Night Breakfast during exam season. Dining Services Co-Director and Chef, Michial Neal, said that Dining Services originally started this over twenty years ago and then partnered with the Student Government Association, who will be handing out prizes.

     According to Neal, students should come enjoy a break from the stress of studying. Neal said that stress is not good for the body and mind. He also said that this event can help clear the mind and help students focus. Neal said, “It is just a stress reliever.”

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Will There Be More Food Options?

Taken from the University of Lynchburg website

Emma Coffey ~ Staff Writer

     The University of Lynchburg has a variety of dining options for its students ranging from the Burton Dining Hall to the Domino’s at Rainsford Hall. If students want a cheeseburger, then the Westover Room is the perfect place to go or if anyone has a craving for Mexican food, then El Si can fix that craving. As the campus continues to grow, so will the options.

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Southside Housing Burglaries 



Jared Hargis ~ Guest Writer

As University of Lynchburg  students returned to campus from the Thanksgiving break, several students came back to find that their belongings missing.  Three burglaries were reported on December 1st, between 12 and 7 pm . The University has since informed students, about the break-ins at the Southside Housings.  

Director of Campus Safety and Security, Bob Driskill, alerted students of the burglaries via email. Driskill said, “these incidents are currently being investigated by Campus Safety and Security and the Lynchburg Police Department.” Though there were no signs of criminal activities occurring around campus, Driskill warned students to “lock their doors and windows.”

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