Southside Housing Burglaries 



Jared Hargis ~ Guest Writer

As University of Lynchburg  students returned to campus from the Thanksgiving break, several students came back to find that their belongings missing.  Three burglaries were reported on December 1st, between 12 and 7 pm . The University has since informed students, about the break-ins at the Southside Housings.  

Director of Campus Safety and Security, Bob Driskill, alerted students of the burglaries via email. Driskill said, “these incidents are currently being investigated by Campus Safety and Security and the Lynchburg Police Department.” Though there were no signs of criminal activities occurring around campus, Driskill warned students to “lock their doors and windows.”

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Nerd Factor: Claus-trophobia


santa-claus (retrieved from
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Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

     The Nerd Factor is vitally concerned with the public interest. As part of the column’s ongoing commitment to the health and well-being of its readers, an important safety announcement follows. 

     Claus-trophobia is a condition that affects millions of people each year, yet somehow the general public remains relatively unaware of the disorder. Claus-trophobia is a state of heightened anxiety, agitation, and even fright, related to the approach of the Christmas holiday. Like other phobias, Claus-trophobia can manifest in a variety of ways. 

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‘Tis the season of giving


giving (Retrieved from Richmond Magazine)
Retrieved from Richmond Magazine


Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     It is the beginning of the holiday season and that means gifts and family time is right around the corner. For some, the holiday season is one of the most depressing time of the year because they do not have family to spend it with or have little money for food or gifts. This happens every year for some and it is up to the more fortunate ones to give back in order to spread the love. 


     Kris Putnam-Walkerly, the author of Confident Giving said, “Children who grow up in families with strong giving traditions are more likely to carry on that tradition and give charitably as adults. It is also reported that they are more likely to be happy and have closer relationships with their families.”

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UofL Women’s B-Ball on a Win Streak

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 8.24.40 AM
  The University of Lynchburg Women’s Basketball team stands in a team huddle during their match against Eastern Mennonite University on Monday, November 25.  Photo retrieved from the Lynchburg Sports Website and was taken by fourth-year undergraduate student Erin Farina, a member of the Lynchburg Hornets Sports Network (LHSN).

     The University of Lynchburg Women’s Basketball team won its third straight game with a 21-point trouncing over Eastern Mennonite University by a final score of 82-61 on Monday, Nov. 25, 2019.  This was their second straight ODAC Conference win since they beat another ODAC rival, Hollins University, by a score of 73-60 on Wednesday, Nov. 20, 2019. There winning streak started on Saturday, November 16, 2019 against Colorado College by a score of 76-64 at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Georgia.

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Mystic Magic: Almost End of the Semester

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

     It is almost the end of the semester! We have a grand total of two weeks left before finals. That is two more Mondays, six more MWF classes, four more T/R classes… Less than 20 days until finals are over and winter break begins.

     However, that week of finals does stand in the way between us students and the bliss of no classes for a month. It can feel like a slog over the next few weeks, some more than others, but I believe in all of us. We have been working for so long this semester to get to this point.

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The Future of the University of Lynchburg:  Storm Preparedness on Campus

A photo of the Criminology House

Mattox Cash ~ Guest Writer

     In the past few years, the city of Lynchburg has been hit with several severe storms that have caused damage to both the city and the University of Lynchburg campus. 


     While there is information on how students can keep themselves safe, public information pertaining to the University’s storm readiness is sparse. 

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Environmental Activism at UofL

The Environmental Activism Presentation will be held in the Hopwood Auditorium at 7:00 p.m.

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Copy Editor

      On Dec 4, University of Lynchburg Hornets are invited to an Environmental Activism Presentation hosted by students from the ENST 398 class, Special Topics in Environmental Science.

      Lilly Smith, a sophomore helping to host the event, said, “[T]his is basically just bringing awareness about things specifically that are close to campus and around in the Lynchburg City in general, mostly. Like, a lot of it is going to be about plastics and trash, but it is also going to be about the community getting involved.”

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