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Athletic Practices Are Back

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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     On Sept. 7, 2020, the University of Lynchburg began allowing in-person classes and athletic practices. When the University initially moved to Alert Level 2, many coaches were disappointed in the turn of events.

     Enza Steele, head coach of the women’s field hockey team, said, “Disappointment was my initial reaction but my primary thought was that the students and campus need to be safe. Another week of no in person contact is okay as long as the campus is safer, and we get better control on this pandemic. My players were able to get outside and do fitness training which helped with their own disposition.”

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News and brief for the week of sept. 14th

California Fires in Loyalton, Vacaville & More: What We Know
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Seeping under doors, bad air from West’s fires won’t ease up

Dangerously dirty air spewing from the West Coast wildfires is seeping into homes and businesses, sneaking into cars through air conditioning vents and preventing people already shut away by the coronavirus pandemic from enjoying a walk or trip to the park.

People in Oregon, Washington state and California have been struggling for a week or longer under some of the most unhealthy air on the planet. The acrid yellow-green smog may linger for days or weeks, scientists and forecasters said.

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Outdoor Leadership Program Tackles Covid

Image by Caitlyn Roderick from a hike to a swimming hole.

Evy Brunelle ~ Staff Writer

   The Outdoor Leadership Program (OLP) at the  University of Lynchburg has recorded a spike in attendance since students returned to campus in the midst of the Covid-19pandemic. Tim Slusser has been in charge of the club since 2018 notes that they are  taking extra precautions against Covid so students can still enjoy the great outdoors. 

Slusser said, “The Outdoor Leadership Program is privileged and the fact that we are naturally socially distant on many of our trips. So it really only took some slight modifications to our policies and procedures to be able to run trips.” 

     OLP has an array of activities to do from swimming and hiking to rock climbing. Slusser’s favorite trips involve whitewater rafting. In the fall semester, students go to the New River Gorge in West Virginia and in the spring semester, the whitewater rafting trip takes place on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee. However, Slusser said he loves, “to lead the expedition style trips that take place over the fall and spring breaks. I really enjoy seeing the growth that takes place on these types of trips.”

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Dr. Beth Savage’s Book Club

Made by Kamryn Schnieder, the Westover Honors logo is used on the book page

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

    Dean of the Westover Honors College, Dr. Beth Savage has launched the second iteration of her Book Club at the University of Lynchburg.“We read books and discuss them,” Dr. Beth Savage, organizer of the club, said.

Savage says that part of her motivation for the club is that she enjoys people coming together for a common interest and getting to socialize about the content of the books they read.

       Some of the books they plan on reading and have read within the club are Shirley Jackson’s “The Haunting of Hillhouse,” Madeline Miller’s “Circe,” and Henry James’ “Turn of the Screw.” 

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Commuter Appreciation Week

It’s a great day to be a hornet and a great day to be a commuter! Photo taken by Cassandra Matthews.

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     Commuter students at the University of Lynchburg are being invited to participate in Commuter Appreciation Week (CAW) with events occurring on campus Sept. 15 through Sept. 18.

       Brennan Gourley is the program and advising coordinator for second-year and transfer transition initiatives. Part of her role is working with non-traditional students, which includes commuter students. 

Gourley explained that there are four events taking place for this semester’s CAW: a grab-and-go cupcake event on Tuesday, a lunch for commuters on Wednesday, a grab-and-go soup event on Thursday, and a movie-themed trivia night on Friday.  

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CEAS Malfunction


Illustration by Danny Skutvik

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

  At 12:26 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 14, the University of Lynchburg Emergency Alert System alarms were activated, announcing a dangerous situation on campus. At 12:32 p.m., a LiveSafe text went out declaring it a system malfunction. 

     This is not the first time the system has malfunctioned. On Oct. 16, 2019, the alarm system malfunctioned, also announcing that there was a dangerous situation on campus. Bob Driskill, Director of Security, sent an email then that said, “Several concerns were sent to me in response to today’s unintentional activation of the outdoor Campus Early Alert System (CEAS).   I thought this would be a great opportunity to resend the emergency notification process again.”

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College Life: Reserve Wine Bar: A Taste of VIRGINIA

Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

Reserve wine bar is the first wine bar to hit Lynchburg. After a year and half of planning and renovation the wine bar recently opened in downtown Lynchburg.

All the wines on the menu are from Virgina. This allows for visitors to get a taste of some of the best wines that this state has to offer as the fifth wine producing region in the country after New York.

Mike Lawler and Mike Barefoot met in Northern Virginia to open up a winery then Lawler moved back home to Lynchburg with his wife Megan. They soon realized  that Lynchburg did not have anything like a tap room or a wine bar.

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Mystic magic: Happy Mabon!

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

     Mabon is coming up on Sept. 21! 

     Mabon is one of the eight pagan/Wiccan sabbats, which means they are holidays that witches celebrate. Mabon itself celebrates the end of summer on the autumnal equinox, and it is considered the mid-harvest festival.

     For this particular article, I decided to do some research, and landed on the Boston Public Library (BPL). According to them, Mabon is far from the first harvest festival. “In the 1700s, the Bavarians began a festival that starts in the last week of September. They called this festival Oktoberfest.”

     The website continued, “Many cultures see the second harvest (after the first harvest Lammas) and equinox as a time for giving thanks. This time of year is when farmers know how well their summer crops did, and how well fed their animals have become.”

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Watch with me: The Promised Neverland

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Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     Originally, I wanted to save the more spooky, scary, or Halloween-y shows until closer to October, but then I realized that there are so many to choose from that it would not make much of a difference. So, this week I am talking about a newer show titled “The Promised Neverland.” I want to disclaim before I go much further that due to the nature of the show, it is going to be impossible to avoid spoilers, so if you do not want minor or major spoilers, you have been warned. 

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Covid-19 and student privacy

James Freeman ~ Guest Writer

     I am a transfer student to the University of Lynchburg. I have been in college on and offline for two years at this point.

     My experiences at college have all been boring and normal up to this point. Once Covid-19 hit I assumed things would move to an online only format as it had before. 

     This included pre -recorded lectures and webcam office hours for questions and help. This was a very well-oiled system in my opinion and made life OK for those who had to learn online. 

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Nerd factor: My Version of 2020

Villains and Vigilantes (1986) comic books
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Dr. Mike Robinson ~ UL Communication Studies Professor

Several decades ago, I created a city set in the near future year of 2020. Time has now caught up to me. 

My nerd friends and I basically played two role-playing games throughout school and college. The first was, of course, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. We accumulated piles of rulebooks, guides, and monster manuals so that we could roll our dice and guide our characters on adventures written out in longhand in notebooks and mapped on graph paper. This system became world famous and is basically the conceptual architect of all the RPG tabletop and computer games that followed.

The second game was a lesser known but equally alliteratively titled game called Villains and Vigilantes. As the title suggests, this was about superheroes. Commercially speaking, the game never caught on quite the way that AD&D did. Of course, as a consolation, V&V got to avoid being blamed as a Satanic influence during some moral panics of the 1980s. As a game, V&V was a bit clunkier too, relying upon complex numerical formulas to generate some character traits. We loved it despite its flaws. Or maybe for them.

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news and brief for the week of sept. 7

A Timeline of Kanye West's 2020 Presidential Run | Billboard

Arizona Supreme Court denies West’s bid to appear on ballot

The Arizona Supreme Court on Tuesday rejected Kanye West’s bid to appear on the state’s Nov. 3 ballot as an independent presidential candidate, just hours before eight of the state’s 15 counties faced a deadline for printing ballots.

The decision marked the end of the rapper’s attempt to run in Arizona. He had appealed a lower-court decision last week that barred him from the ballot.

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Golfing at the University of Lynchburg

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William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     At the University of Lynchburg the golf teams are striving to be leaders in their community by excelling in academics and golf. 

Harrison Hodgert, a junior golfer at the University  devotes his time to academics, golf, and the Student Athletic Advisory Committee or SAAC. Hodgert said, “I believe I have left somewhat of a mark at the University especially for the golf program. I have tried my hardest academically and in golf and will continue to do so until I graduate. I hope to break and create more records for the golf program, but all records are meant to be broken and I know there will be a new guy who comes along that will be much better than me. I hope that whatever record I break or make helps encourage the new guys to play better and create their own mark at the university.” 

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