Internship Opportunities for Students

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Kelli Carter ~ Staff Writer

     Internships allow students to experience workplace environments and network with prospective employees. Many majors at the University of Lynchburg require students to  complete an internship prior to graduation.

     Jimmy Roux, professor of communication studies, said, “Networking is important because that is the single most effective way people gain employment. People who network are in the know about where positions are so they can fill them quickly and get the jump on the competition.”

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Second Year Vibes: Adjusting to Change 

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Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

     The older I get, the more things seem to change in life. Whether it is in my own life or my friends’ lives, I swear nothing stays the same once you hit around 16-years-old. Once you get behind the wheel of a car, the world feels new and exciting again. 

     Change comes with beautiful things. When you get in a new relationship, there are butterflies and excitement. On the other hand, when a relationship ends, everything can feel pretty dismal. Since beginning college, I have undergone a lot of changes whether it be weight loss or switching my major from nursing to English. 

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