Dance Works Dances On

Photo by Emma Noe.

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

Dance Works presents Fall 2020 showcase. Includes solo site-specific works that reflect the past and present. Link:”  

     Dance Works at the University of Lynchburg has had to make some adjustments this semester, but the pandemic has not stopped them from dancing.

     Dance Works is made up of an ensemble of students who meet twice a week to practice. They engage in a range of styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, musical theater, and tap. 

     Emma Noe, a senior, is one of the dance captains while Susie Young, leads warm ups and helps other dancers with moves, techniques, or anything else.

     Noe said, “I think the biggest challenge is that we were not able to have a full team this year. Normally we have around twenty dancers on the team, but this year we are only allowed to have twelve dancers. While I understand the restrictions, it is hard having an even smaller team than before.” 

     Every semester, Dance Works puts on a showcase. Usually this occurs in Dillard Theatre, but because of the pandemic, Dance Works will instead be having a virtual showcase. That is what the team has been working on this semester, as well as normal dance classes. “During class, we have just been working on different dance techniques and taking more varieties of classes. We have been able to do more styles this year since we [are] not preparing for a live show,” explained Noe. Instead, dancers have been recording for the virtual showcase on their own outside of class. 

     Noe continued, “Our virtual show will consist of eight dances that we all choreographed individually. Most of the pieces in it are solos due to covid restrictions. However, some of us were able to do duets because we [live] with each other. Hannah and I, for example, did a piece that I choreographed last spring that we did not get to perform […] While I do miss performing live, I am really glad we got a chance to choreograph this semester.” 

     Rebecca Parks, junior, is one of the students in Dance Works. “I think we all really enjoyed getting to work with an editor for our dance videos,” she said. “We have never done dance this way in Dance Works, and camera angles can be another compositional element in choreography. I have always enjoyed watching dance videos with cool editing on YouTube, so it has been awesome to create our own!”

     As for next semester, Noe said things are still being figured out. “We probably will do another virtual showcase since it may still be too risky to perform live. I am hoping we can maybe do dances with more people since we were able to practice together this semester. This is my senior year and while I am sad that we did not get our shows like we normally do, I am grateful that I got to dance again for my last year at Lynchburg.”

 The virtual showcase is to be presented on Nov. 11.

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