Career Center Workshops

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Evy Brunelle ~ News Editor

     One of the ways the University of Lynchburg helps students prepare for graduation is by having workshops designed to help students land a job when they graduate. 

     The Career and Professionalism Center has recently held workshops  on resumes and cover letters as well as interviewing for students.

Career and Internship Counselor Kara Douglas facilitated the Resumes and Cover Letter workshop, and the Interviewing workshop was co-facilitated by  Caleb Simon, a graduate assistant at the Career and Professionalism Center

      Douglas said, “Oftentimes creating a resume and cover letter can seem daunting. Our workshops provide guidelines and examples to assist students develop an efficient resume and cover letter. Our workshops help students understand the correct way to format these documents, and how one should word the information in them to attract the eyes of recruiters. One of the most valuable lessons these workshops offer are what major pitfalls you should avoid. It is often the things you do incorrectly that inhibit your job or internship search. For instance, although it may make your resume look really cool, using templates you find online actually inhibit your job prospects. Most employers use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which scans resumes and cover letters for keywords. If you use a template it makes it much harder for the System to scan your document and it will miss essential information that would help you get an interview.” 

     Simon said that when planning and coming up with workshops, “[t]he National Association of Colleges and Employers is the governing body for Career Development centers at the collegiate level. They have a list of eight competencies (critical thinking, communication, teamwork, technology, leadership, professionalism, career management, and multicultural fluency) that students ought to imbue upon graduation. Here at the CPC, we tailor our presentations and our Professional Plus program to help our students achieve this. We also create presentations based upon industry changes. For instance, due to COVID we have had to research and create content to assist students navigate the challenges that come with a virtual world and a world where the nature of work has changed forever.” 

       The Career Center hopes that they are able to impart  the importance of creating a professional looking resume and cover letter. Douglas said, “It is the difference between getting the job and not. Recruiters may receive over 250 resumes for every published position online. The truth of the matter is if your resume and/or cover letter don’t stand out you’re never going to get the call back no matter how qualified you are. As mentioned previously it’s not how cool or unique your resume looks, rather it’s the way it is formatted and what information and keywords are in the document that make it stand out. Our workshops provide a good baseline for students to create an effective resume and/or cover letter, but if they want to get the best bang for their buck we highly recommend they schedule an appointment with us as well as attending or viewing a workshop.”

 To make an appointment with the Career and Professionalism center, students may contact the Center on Facebook (@careerandprofessionalismcenter), Instagram (@careerandpro.ctr), Twitter (@careerandproctr), and Linkedin (/career-professionalism-center). 

They can also email or navigate to their website 

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