Spring Break 2021

Image by Nat LeDonne, taken from @university.of.lynchburg on Instagram.

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     The University of Lynchburg is implementing “Wellness Days” as opposed to a traditional spring break next semester.

     Faculty and staff alike have voiced how they are finding the fall 2020 semester to be difficult without any breaks. Usually, there is a fall break and Thanksgiving break, but this semester the University of Lynchburg is working through the entire semester without any breaks. This is so that traveling to and from campus is limited, therefore mitigating the spread of COVID-19. Next semester will look similar; however, days off from normal operations are being added to the calendar for spring 2021. 

     There will be five “Wellness Days” as opposed to five consecutive days of spring break. These Wellness Days will take place periodically throughout the semester. Davion Washington Jr., the president of the Student Government Association (SGA), explained that this is being done to “prevent a mass exodus from campus at a particular time.” He said, “SGA has advocated for these days to be tacked on to weekends so that the days feel as if they are actual breaks that will benefit the student body.” Ultimately, while SGA provided feedback, the university administration was in charge of these decisions. 

     On Nov. 2, the university announced that classes will not be held on Monday, Feb. 15, Tuesday, Mar. 2, Wednesday, Mar. 24, Thursday, Apr. 15, and Friday, Apr. 30. 

     Shelbi Jordan, the Senator representing Housing and Residence Life, further explained, “There will be some events hosted if students want to attend them, but they are meant to be a break for the students and faculty.” 

     Niraly Patel, a junior, is relieved to hear that there will be some form of a break in the spring. “[Administration is] learning, thank goodness, because it has been a pain of a semester,” she commented. 

     Jordan said, “I am looking forward to hopefully having a little bit more freedom as far as in person events hosted by different organizations. We have been seeing it more now at the end of this semester, but having that option at the beginning of the spring, I think, will lead to more people, especially first years, forming the bonds, and having the experiences that Lynchburg provides.”

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