Mustache Madness

Photo provided by HEADstrong foundation.

Chip Quinn ~ Guest Writer

     The Lynchburg men’s lacrosse team is growing their mustaches and fundraising in an effort to fight cancer with HEADstrong Foundations Mustache Madness. 

     With fall ball coming to a close for the men’s lacrosse team, they have joined an initiative started by the HEADstrong foundation where college lacrosse players around the country are raising money to support families who are battling cancer. A member of the Lynchburg men’s lacrosse team recently had a close friend diagnosed with testicular cancer and this sparked the interest to get a fund-raising page started. 

     “I want people on campus to take notice of all our [Lynchburg men’s lacrosse team] mustaches and get a conversation started and spread awareness,” said Cole Nestor, sophomore midfielder. 

     The HEADstrong Foundation Mustache Madness was started in 2009 by Ken Clauson a senior lacrosse player at the University of Virginia at the time. Clauson’s vision was to grow mustaches to raise awareness while raising money for those battling cancer. Mustache Madness has since grown to colleges across the country on all levels competing against one another. 

“The personal connection fighting cancer has with many players and coaches on the team was a no brainer, our guys want to make a difference,” said Jack Albright, senior defenseman. 

     There are a number of ways to get involved whether it be donating to the teams page to reach the team goal of $3000 by the end of November, sharing posts on social media about the men’s lacrosse team Mustache Madness page using the hashtag #laxstachemadness, or simply just getting a conversation started.

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