Spooky Canned Food Drive

Canned food drive gives back to community – The Bear River Current

Evy Brunelle ~ News Editor

     The University of Lynchburg has a food pantry on campus that is readily available to students who are in need of food. 

     The Student Judicial Board (SJB) recently held a canned food drive to help collect food for the pantry and encouraged people to donate by including a game of bingo; 2 cans equated to 1 entry, 5 cans equated to 3 entries and 8 cans equated to 5 entries. The events were held Monday, Oct. 19, from 11-1 in Schewel and then again Tuesday, Oct. 20, from 5-7 in Drysdale. 

     According to Alexa Moak, a Chairperson for SJB and who spearheaded the bingo game, “We do bingo once a semester and always offer the option of donating food as a form of payment, but this year we made bingo free due to COVID but still wanted to help out the community so we opted to do the food drive.” 

     When asked how Moak came up with the prizes for bingo, she replied, “I always delegate to a member on my committee to do prizes and this year [it was] Chris Chruszcz who came up with the prizes.” 

     Gillian Trost is new to SJB. When asked why she joined, she responded, “I joined SJB through my Westover mentor Jen Thrift. We are both interested in going to law school and she continuously has encouraged me to join because SJB is not only beneficial when applying to law school, but also teaches students how to make fair decisions when a tough situation arises. This skill is very beneficial when going into a law career.” 

     She is also “already loving the family that SJB is. I am super excited to participate in SJB training and to attend hearings.” 

     Her job on SJB is to “set the best example for my peers and to use my place in SJB to impact my peers in the most beneficial way while also being fair.” 

     SJB would like to thank everyone who donated food to the University’s pantry and congratulate the bingo winners.

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