Mystic magic: Witchy Movies

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Grace Cavanaugh ~ Editor in Chief

    With Halloween on the horizon, what better way to spend this quarantined holiday than to watch some scary movies?

     Now, I am generally a very strong advocate for gorey, B-rated slasher films, but considering this is an occult themed opinion section, I will leave those to Nerd Factor or Watch With Me. No, this week I have some witch movie recommendations.

     Halloweentown and Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge might seem like kid’s movies, and they are. However, they were our kid’s movies, the ones we grew up with. Marnie Piper is the granddaughter of Aggie Cromwell, a weird woman to say the least. One night, Marnie and her brother follow their grandmother onto a mysterious bus and end up in a spooky place called Halloweentown. Chaos ensues. This is a good watch for something light and nostalgic, and a quick movie at that.

     Another witchy movie throwback is Hocus Pocus. This story follows Max Dennison, local virgin, as he lights a black candle on Halloween in Salem, MA, and brings back three long dead witches. They need the souls of the children of Salem in order to stay alive, and Max and company are determined to stop them. Helped along by a black cat named Binx, will they stop the witches’ evil plan?

     For something a little more serious, The Craft is about four teenage girls who decide to play with magic. Sarah Bailey has powers and just moved to Los Angeles, where she is invited to hang out with the local weirdos. They mess with abilities they should not have, and then have to pay the consequences. There is a sequel coming out Oct. 28 of this year, too!

     Finally, the VVitch was not a movie I particularly enjoyed, but my housemate and her fiance loved it, so I figured I would put it on this list. Set in the 1630s, it follows a family in the middle of the woods. Thomasin, the oldest daughter, is in charge of looking after the new baby, Samuel, who is subsequently stolen and killed by a witch. Things escalate rather quickly after that, but not in a very interesting way, in my opinion. Maybe you will like the movie, though.

     I hope these are of any help, if you are looking for something of the witchy variety. Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are both available on Disney+, The Craft is on Hulu, and The VVitch can be found on Amazon Prime or Hulu.

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