Virtual Mock Recruitment

Graphic made by Kara Barnes.

Cassandra Matthews ~ Assistant Editor

     Virtual Mock Recruitment for the Panhellenic sororities at the University of Lynchburg will occur on Oct. 11.

     Mock recruitment is put on by Panhellenic Council every fall semester for potential new members, or PNMs, to attend so that they can learn about Greek life and what the formal recruitment process, which occurs in the spring, looks like. 

     Kara Barnes, a senior, is the Panhellenic vice president of recruitment. She oversees recruitment, making plans and working with each chapter’s recruitment director to ensure operations run as they should. She explained, “I will go over basically the eligibility requirements, each chapter we have on campus, and what each chapter does and all the details about that, and then they will get a chance to actually talk to the chapters like they would during recruitment.”

     Drew Pelkey is a coordinator for fraternity and sorority life, and she is the advisor to Barnes. She says that the University of Lynchburg’s four Panhellenic sororities, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Kappa Delta, and Alpha Chi Omega, are involved in mock recruitment. As for PNMs, “It is open to anyone that identifies as a woman who wants to come through the process. First-years, all the way through [seniors].” 

     Usually this event would occur in person, but as with many other campus events, it is being moved online for the purpose of safety. Barnes and Pelkey are currently working on ensuring that the event will run smoothly in a virtual setting. 

     “The problems [are] just the logistics, like making sure that the link is the correct link, [and] all of the recruitment directors know what they are doing, so I would say those are the biggest differences, but the [PNMs] going through it are still going to get the same experience,” said Barnes. 

     Pelkey added, “All the PNMs will log on, chapters will log on, and they will operate just like we are in person, except it will be behind the screen. So that is just I think the biggest thing, but same conversation, same interaction, it just will not be that face to face, [and] I kind of laugh because I am like oh well now they will be able to see our entire face instead of just the eyes.”

     Barnes and Pelkey both anticipate a successful outcome. Barnes reported, “I am having meetings with recruitment directors and their chapter members that are coming to the event, virtually, about how to use Google Meet, [and] we are going to walk through the whole thing, so I would say we are very prepared.” 

     Pelkey said that she and Barnes have been sitting in on calls and meetings with other institutions that have already completed the full recruitment process. “Kara is wonderful, and is very, very good at what she does, and she is a great planner, […] she really thinks of everything. […] I think it will be different, and [we are] kind of owning that, and telling our chapters that like hey we know this is not what you planned and what you expected, but let us move forward as a community, and do great.” 

     To sign up for mock recruitment, visit

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