Hornet Women Tennis Players Know How to Serve

Image from the Lynchburg Sports website

William Masselli ~ Sports Columnist 

     Many varsity athletes are heartbroken that they are not able to play their favorite sport; however, many varsity head coaches are encouraging their players to use their spare time to serve fellow classmates. Some varsity athletes have used this opportunity to serve as Peer Assistant Supplemental Studies or PASS leaders, in the writing center, and as lab assistants. 

   Senior tennis player Ellen Druebbisch is a PASS leader for Organic Chemistry.  Druebbisch said, “The most rewarding part of being a PASS leader is when the students get excited after they do better on a quiz or test than they thought they would. I really enjoy helping the students understand the material in class so they can be successful. I also love the relationships I have built with my PASS students and look forward to seeing them each week.” 

     Druebbisch believes it is important for all students to become involved in a variety of organizations on campus. She said, “I think it is extremely important to be involved on campus. I would highly encourage all students, whether they are athletes or not, to be involved with something on campus. It is extremely rewarding to be a part of something bigger and that helps others be successful.”

     Caroline Guill, is also a senior tennis player and serves as a PASS leader for Anatomy and Physiology.  She said, “This is my second year working with this class and it is also my favorite subject to work with. The information is inherently interesting and extremely applicable to everyday life.” 

    Guill said, “The most rewarding part about being a PASS leader is the ability to be the agent of change for students regarding their success in the classroom. I have seen many students gain confidence through the PASS program both with the specific material and with their general academic ability. PASS not only helps students study and apply knowledge, but it is also a way to practice and build healthy academic habits.” 

     Guill’s advice to her fellow athletes is, “ to keep in mind our end goal for this academic year. By staying safe and being responsible we will work to allow ourselves the opportunity to prepare for the spring season and show up with the talent and success that I know we can exhibit. We are student-athletes not because of recognition or scholarship, but rather because we have such a deep love and respect for the game. We should exhibit this same love and dedication to keeping our community safe and to acting as a responsible member of the University community.”

     Chris Johnson, director of Men and Women’s Tennis at the University of Lynchburg, is proud of Druebbisch and Guill. 

      Johnson said, “Caroline and Ellen are certainly leaders on our team. One of the joys of being a coach is watching student athletes grow as leaders.”

     Johnson has always encouraged his players to get involved in many extracurricular activities at the University of Lynchburg so they can grow socially. Johnson also said, “Now during our current state of pandemic this is paying off more and more. While we are taking a short break from athletics many of our players have other things to be involved with. I’m very proud watching our players invest in those around them!”

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