SGA’s Plan for Fall 2020

Davion Washington (left) and Matthew Gillett (right) of the SGA. Taken from the university website’s SGA page.

Kamryn Schnieder ~ Copy Editor

     With the coronavirus there has been continued pressure on the University of Lynchburg’s Student Government Association (SGA)  to create a home for their fellow hornets  while prioritizing safety. 

Davion Washington, president of SGA, has continued to meet with university administration and faculty weekly to advocate for the safety and concerns of the student body.

     He explained that the SGA’s main focus for the 2020-2021 school year is “making sure this semester [goes] well” and “creating the proper messaging and educating students” on things surrounding the COVID-19 situation on campus. He also emphasized the importance of student involvement in keeping on top of reporting and monitoring the coronavirus on campus. 

Washington also noted that the SGA is also championing  diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives on campus as well as “Hornets have Respect.” Washington hopes to be able to  increase the population of diverse students on campus from “about 12 percent, to 35 to 40 percent.” 

The organization is focused on being more proactive as they try to reward and support positive behavior and environments through action.

Washington explained that getting through the semester is the most important thing and that if the campus returns to remote learning, they will be unable to champion their agenda for the year.     

Washington is also focused on continuing initiatives on campus such as outside seating, accommodating yearly activities to be safe with COVID-19, and implementing the rainbow chairs on Falwell terrace, as well as among other ideas to “better our community.”

Matthew Gillett, the vice president of External Affairs on the SGA cabinet, reinforced Washington’s ideas. He said that the priority of this semester is student safety. 

Gillett also said, “SGA needs to know what the students are feeling” before they can do anything.

If you have concerns,  the SGA can be contacted via email at

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