Special Interest Housing changes for the upcoming year

Anna-Catherine Kueng ~ Assistant Editor

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Retrieved from an email sent out by the Office of Housing and Residence Life

For sophomores, juniors, and senior students, the University of Lynchburg offers Special Interest Housing, which are living and learning communities in Southside housing. The Assistant Director of Residential Learning Communities, Courtney M. Kelsey, said, “It offers group of students the opportunity to create unique, self-directed living environments, centered on a common theme.”

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UL in History: Fall Feelings

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr. ~ UL History Professor

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Illustration by Nicole Freewalt 

On November 1st my wife and I flew to Albuquerque for the annual meeting of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference. Dr. Scott Amos, the Chair of the History Department and I both read papers. Over the years, I have enjoyed the opportunity of sharing my research with other scholars in my discipline. I traveled all over the United States and Canada from coast to coast thanks to the generous support of our university, but this was the last time, and I shall miss the chances to share ideas and theories with colleagues from all over the globe. I am glad the meeting was held in New Mexico, which is my favorite state—after Virginia of course. The sky was turquoise and the cottonwood trees glowed like burnished gold.

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College Life: Thanksgiving Break

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

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We recently came back from Fall break a couple weeks ago and all I can think about is how much I am looking forward to Thanksgiving break. While fall break was a few days to relieve the stress I had with my midterms and all my assignments, it definitely was a tease. Fall break is just a taste of home for a long weekend, but just as soon as you adjust being home for a long weekend, it is time to go back. I cannot help but look forward to Thanksgiving Break and here are a few reasons why.

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Literary Witch in Lynchburg

Grace Cavanaugh ~ Staff Writer

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Madeline Miller (left) and her novel, Circe (right).

On Thursday, November 8, Madeline Miller, a New York Times bestselling author, visited the Givens Books & Little Dickens on Lakeside Drive for a book reading and signing. Miller has two published books. The Song of Achilles was published in 2012 and, more recently, her novel Circe was published in 2018. Miller is also an essayist who has been published by many news organizations, according to her website.

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We the People

Caroline Wilkerson ~ Copy Editor

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On Tuesday, November 6th8 citizens all across the United States, and students at the University of Lynchburg exercised their right to vote in the 2018 Congressional Election.

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Christmas Open House

Katherine Daniel ~ Editor in Chief

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The Annual Christmas Open House for Millstone Mercantile will be held on November 16-17, in Madison Heights, VA.

According the New in Lynchburg Website, “Come get in the mood for the Most Wonderful Time of The Year…music, food and the best shopping around.”

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Cross Country Players Going to Nationals

Caitlin Dorsch ~ Copy Desk Chief

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Sophomore Kaitlyn Johnson running in the NCAA Division III South/Southeast Regionals on Saturday, November 10, 2018. Photo retrieved from Lynchburg Sports Website 

The University of Lynchburg men’s and women’s cross country team competed in the 2018 NCAA Division III South/Southeast Region Championships last weekend.  The men’s team placed sixth and the women’s team placed seventh overall. Three runners, freshman Max Sparks, senior Tristan Lucy-Speidel, and sophomore Kaitlyn Johnson had fast enough to qualify for the 2018 NCAA Division III National Championships, which will be held on Saturday, November 17 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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