Sports Junkie: Running Back into Trouble

Chris Snan, Staff Columnist~

We are approaching week six of the NFL’s (National Football League) regular season, and some big news just hit the media.

Star running-back Ezekiel Elliott, of the Dallas Cowboys, had his suspension reinstated which will now put him out of play for a total of six weeks. At this point in the season, the timing could not be any worse for him or the Dallas Cowboys. The regular season only lasts 15 weeks, and since it’s week six, Elliott is looking at potentially returning to the field at some point during week 12. At this point in the season, it’s almost useless for him to make a return. Read More

Rise to the Top: Women in Leadership

Disa Woodland, Copy Desk Chief~

On Oct. 4, the sisters of Lynchburg College’s chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority hosted a Women in Leadership panel in Sydnor Auditorium. The panel included several very successful female faculty members. The panelists were director of residence life, Kristen Cooper; Dr. Sabita Manian, professor of international relations and political science; vice president for enrollment management, Rita Detwiler and Dr. Oeida Hatcher, associate professor of music and dean of the school of communication and the arts. The panel was hosted by Dr. Sally Selden, the vice president and dean for academics, as well as a professor of business management. Read More

Halloween Happenings in Central Virginia

Emily Johnson, Staff Writer~

There are many upcoming Halloween and fall festivities in the Lynchburg area. These events include Scaremare, Candlelight tours and a Haunted Harvest Cornfield.

Scaremare, hosted by Liberty University, will be running Oct. 19-21 and Oct. 26-28. The event is known for its funhouse rooms and scenes of death which raise questions of what happens after we die. Each trip through Scaremare lasts approximately 40 minutes. The gates open at 7:30 p.m. and remain open through 11 p.m. Students who show their college ID on Thursday nights will receive discounted tickets for $5 apiece. Tickets can be purchased at the gates with cash only. The event is being hosted at 2300 Carroll Ave., Lynchburg, Va. 24501. For further inquiries, contact (434) 582-2180, or for discounted group tickets contact (434) 582-7328. Read More

She Said: Talking Bodies

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

You’re probably getting really tired of hearing me talk about the importance of communication, but I really can’t stress its significance enough, not only in everyday life, but in your relationships and sex life as well.

So often we strain our relationships or feel uncomfortable in our sexual experiences simply due to miscommunication. This is easily remedied by – you guessed it – talking. People have become so terrified of expressing their feelings or approaching someone face-to-face that we can’t accurately convey what we need to. So in the end, we settle for less than what we want. Read More

From College To University

Shannon Muller, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg College is currently undergoing a rebrand and name change, and in the fall of 2018 it will transition to the University of Lynchburg.

According to assistant vice president of Lynchburg College communications and marketing, Mike Jones, “Lynchburg College has been operating as a University for some time now…with nearly twenty graduate and three doctoral programs.” Read More

LC in History: The Tie-Raid of 1957

Dr. Clifton W. Potter, LC History Professor~

This week I was able finally to take some of my fall jackets out of the closet and wear them for the first time since last year. That is one of the few advantages of the arrival of cooler weather. What about sixty years ago, what did we wear then?   Read More