Won Nation Homecoming 2018

Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~

Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming 2018 at the University of Lynchburg will be held  this weekend on October 19-20, 2018. The weekend is packed with a range of events for family, friends, faculty, and staff.

Director of Alumni Relations, Heather Garnett, said, “Homecoming is important on a number of different levels. One, we want to be certain that students, faculty, and staff feel engaged in a fun weekend. From an Alumna perspective, it provides an opportunity for them to reconnect with classmates, see campus, and reminisce with former faculty, staff, and meet students. Coming home is something that all alumni look forward to.”

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Happy Halloween!

Grace Cavanaugh, Staff Writer~

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Maybe it’s because I like being scared, or maybe it’s because I like dressing up, but something about this spooky time of year has always gotten me excited.

My sophomore year in high school, my friend D invited a group of friends to her house for a Halloween party. What this entailed was watching a scary movie, eating food, roasting marshmallows over a fire, and then going to hang out on the playground of the church behind her house. I designated myself the historian of the group because I had the most amount of storage on my iPod.

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Reflecting on my first month of college

Anna-Catherine Kueng- Assistant Editor~


There is a date that will always stand out to me and it is August 14, 2018: the day I began my freshman year at the University of Lynchburg.

As I have realized within the first month of college, nothing ever goes as expected and there is no turning back once a student arrives on campus that first day.

In all of my wildest dreams about the first week of college, ziplining in the woods was never a thought that crossed my mind. For those who are not familiar with the Westover Honors College, freshmen members go on a retreat to New Castle, VA, the day after move-in as a bonding experience.

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Screams and Dreams and a Mountain of Fun

Dr. Mike Robinson, UofL Communication Studies Professor~


“How many times have you been to King’s Dominion?,” my mother asked me on the phone when I told her we were planning our latest trip.

“I don’t know,” I replied, “Maybe twenty?”

The number of visits is hard to calculate because eventually the trips blur together into the strange time that is nostalgia.  Internet sources say the place opened in the summer of 1975. So that must have been the year of my first visit.

I know my family went very early in the amusement park’s construction. Back then, Lion Country Safari was the main draw. The air conditioned comfort of a monorail ride was still a few years off, so we drove our relatively new Volvo station wagon through that zoo.  I remember a baby rhino gently brushing against the car as it walked by in a way that sounded like the end of the car’s paint job. My father had this kind of resigned look with a faint glimmer that at least this would be one hell of a story to tell later. Dad loved a story.  But amazingly, the car was fine.

Few attractions were open when we went through the zoo.  Jeeps were racing around in the area that would become the lake that took up a place of prominence in the park for many years.  I think there was some kind of petting zoo because I accidently stepped in pig excrement. Pretty awful as experiences go, but the clean-up was so horrible my mother never made me wear those dreaded black sandals again so that was a victory.

I probably went once per year after that.  My mother drove us until my friends and I were old enough to drive ourselves.  And I know that one summer, when Mom was away visiting family; Dad took me there for two days.  He talked me into riding the Rebel Yell, which was then the scariest thing I’d ever seen.

The annual tradition continued until I moved away for graduate school in 1991.  And of course, I’ve taken my own family many times since moving to this part of the world.  My daughter honed her eerie, nigh invulnerability to rides at Kings Dominion.

During this fall break trip we just took, I was keenly aware of the nostalgia factor.  My son is now roughly the age I was on the big two-day visit. And I got my boy to ride the Rebel Yell (now renamed Racer 75).  I think he was braver than I was on my first ride, although he denies it.

But Kings Dominion itself was also responsible for my walking reveries.  Amusement parks have found a way to extend their seasons by transforming into Halloween attractions at night.  The familiar opening area of the park before the Eiffel Tower replica is festooned with scary décor, including fake grave markers for the rides at the park that have since come and gone.

Perhaps it was fitting that I was walking around thinking of rides that no longer were there.  After all, Halloween is a time that marks a blurring between the worlds of the living and the dead, the present and the past.  Apparently, even coasters can have ghosts.

The Hundley Legacy

Dr. Clifton W. Potter, UofL History Professor~

Last week as Hurricane Michael approached Central Virginia representatives from the City of Lynchburg echoed their strident remarks about College Lake—a local landmark that vanished during the night of August 2, 2018.  The powers that be in City Hall have ignored the problems associated with College Lake that have been accumulating for years like the silt and Escherichia coli which now fill the site. When the long-neglected dam—which the city owns—seemed on the verge of collapsing, the order was given that that lake be drained, and thus was removed part of the legacy of our fourth president, Dr. John T.T. Hundley, who was elected to that office on June 7, 1915.  He would alter the very character of the college during his twenty-one tenure.

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The Difference Between Sophomore and Junior Year

Katherine Daniel, Editor in Chief~


Now that everyone has gone back to college and midterms are approaching, I’m sure you are already bombarded with loads and loads of homework just like I am. The University of Lynchburg began classes just two months ago and in just the first three days of class, it is safe to say that I feel like my brain is fried from the numerous readings and quizzes thus far. While I am excited to be taking these classes this year, which apply to both my major and minor, I did not fully realize the intensity and challenge I had signed up for.

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The Lynchburg Cheer Culture

Caitlin Dorsch, Copy Desk Chief~

Sports Issue - Cheer Picture

The University of Lynchburg’s Cheer Team is gearing up for their season to begin.  

The cheer squad is preparing hard, and they are ready for their first performance in front of the student body this season. The cheerleaders are more together and more committed than they have ever been according to junior, Nursing major and Cheer Co-Captain, Abigail Herring.  

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