She Said: Put it Away

Sarah Irby, Editor in Chief~

Social media is a huge part of our lives, and it can often be beneficial in communicating with others, however social media can also put a strain on people in relationships.

It is not uncommon to be in a relationship and become jealous when you see other couples posting about one another and how in love they are all the time. You may even start to wonder why your significant other doesn’t care enough to declare his/her love for you via Facebook or Instagram. I remember feeling this way with my boyfriend in high school, and now I’m sitting here thinking about how stupid it was. Lack of social media presence does not equal a lack of love. Some people just aren’t into doing those sort of things, and that can even be a good thing. Read More

Women’s Lacrosse Season So Far

Hannah Ramsey, Guest Writer~

The women’s lacrosse team faced stiff competition at the beginning of their season, but they are on track to being successful with two Old Dominion Athletic Conference wins under their belt.

Coach Bruce Reid said, “We played tougher competition this year at the beginning of the season, that starts off with non-conference games and the reason being is that we wanted a challenging, competitive schedule so it would hopefully help us as we go into conference play.” Read More

Parent’s Night Out

Katherine Daniel, Guest Writer~

Lynchburg Humane Society will host a monthly event on every second Friday to get children involved in the community.

Parents’ Night Out will be hosted on April 13, 2018 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the Center for Pets. According to the Lynchburg Humane Society’s website, “Activities will include a tour of the facility, games, crafts, movies and petting puppies and kittens.” Read More

LC in History: Celebrating Students

Dr. Clifton W. Potter Jr., Staff Writer~

Two events mark the beginning of the end of the academic session, the Student Scholar Showcase and the Academic Awards Banquet.  This year they both occurred last week, the former on Wednesday and the latter on Friday. A month from now we shall be in the midst of graduation weekend; where does the time go?

Last week both students and faculty were able to enjoy the 18th annual Student Scholar Showcase because there were no classes. Those persons who were responsible for organizing this wonderful activity have my sincere admiration. However, this experience reminds me of what I learned of a similar annual affair which occurred before I entered Lynchburg College. Read More

Friday the 13th Fun at Fifth and Federal

Vicky Kuharski, Staff Writer~

Many associate Friday the 13th with bad luck and doom. April is bringing the first Friday the 13th of the year, and it might be time to start them out right.

Instead of avoiding ladders and black cats, change your luck by heading down to Fifth and Federal Station (801 Fifth Street) for some live music. Read More

DIII Week for Student Athletes

Alex Allen, Copy Editor~

Lynchburg College celebrated a nationwide event for Division III athletes, known as “DIII Week”  between April 2-8.The Lynchburg College Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) provided a week full of events for our students and student-athletes here on campus.

On Monday, a penny-war was started between the sports teams here at LC. The goal of this was not only to have a competition between all the athletes and their teams, but also to raise money for the water mission in Puerto Rico. Read More