• Renewing Downtown Irish Tradition

    Aidan Fitzsimon Staff Writer - Lynchburg has its fair share of places to enjoy a drink, but the employees of Kegney Brothers bring their own […]

  • Little School, Big Prospect

    Nia Mariso Staff Writer - Senior Daray Crawford is a wide receiver on the Virginia University of Lynchburg’s football team. VUL holds 597 students, not […]

  • New Direction for Equestrian

    Alexa Nash Assistant Editor - The Equestrian Team is in the midst of an overhaul with a new coach on a mission to expand the […]

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Breaking Down Brain Breaks

Jewell West Staff Writer - Taking regular breaks from studying or any other mental task is proven to improve productivity. Without taking breaks, a student […]

Transgender: True Life

LC Sports

Photo by Enrique Brown. Seniors (from left to right) Amber Sulter, Amber Ingram, Olivia Donahue and Skylar Seals are honored on Senior Day April 18 on Moon Field.

LC Teams Celebrate Seniors

Andrew Props Sports Editor - April 18 and 19 were the final regular season home games for many seniors. Softball, baseball, men’s lacrosse and women’s […]

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Photo by Sean-Patrick Boggs. Junior Angel Nolasco stands on stage while the judges critique his interview attire. Junior Shak Yusuk, junior Lauren Glenn, junior Danny Jackson and senior Nikki Dommer sit on the
back of the stage.

Dressed to Kill the Interview

Aidan Fitzsimon Staff Writer - Dressing in proper attire for an interview can determine a student’s fate as he or she goes through the interview […]

LC Idol: Week 3

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How Soon Will We See Tebow?

Andrew PropsSports Editor - Everybody who knows anything about sports knows about Tim Tebow. Starting quarterback for the Florida Gators from 2007-2009 while also contributing […]

Nerd Factor: 40 Years of Jaws